Managing Fuzzy Projects in 3D: A Proven, Multi-Faceted Blueprint for Overseeing Complex Projects Front Cover

Managing Fuzzy Projects in 3D: A Proven, Multi-Faceted Blueprint for Overseeing Complex Projects

  • Length: 448 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2023-01-24
  • ISBN-10: 1264278349
  • ISBN-13: 9781264278343
  • Sales Rank: #2782501 (See Top 100 Books)

The first resource of its kind―a multi-disciplinary method for effectively managing the largest, most complex projects in business today

All too often, we execute projects that come with high levels of complexity or uncertainty, along with conflicting or unstated expectations from stakeholders. The authors of this groundbreaking guide refer to them as “fuzzy projects,” and they are all-too-common today.

In Managing Fuzzy Projects in 3D, project management guru Lavagnon Ika and organizational strategy expert Jan Saint-Macary walk you through their proven three-pronged approach for successfully managing such projects. It’s all about planning and executing the project with three key factors in mind―reason and logic, psychosocial/human behavior considerations, and politics, such as power, influence, and hierarchy―to gain a complete picture of the project and the processes for getting it done. Drawing on copious examples, they shed light on why even well-managed projects can fail to meet business case and strategic expectations, and they show how their methods work in the real world.

Throughout, the authors provide illuminating case studies, including Boston’s “Big Dig,” the Golden Gate Bridge, the Ford Edsel, Olympic Games, Indian Tata Nano Car, Microsoft Campus Renovation Project, the U.S. moon mission, and Apple iPhone. In addition, they provide specific questions you can ask stakeholders in order to build clarity from the start of the project.

With Managing Fuzzy Projects in 3D, you have everything you need to successfully guide the most complex, unclear projects beginning to end.

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