More Math Into LaTeX, 4th Edition Front Cover

More Math Into LaTeX, 4th Edition

  • Length: 620 pages
  • Edition: 4th ed. 2007
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2007-08-23
  • ISBN-10: 0387322892
  • ISBN-13: 9780387322896
  • Sales Rank: #778914 (See Top 100 Books)

This is the fourth edition of the standard introductory text and complete reference for scientists in all disciplines, as well as engineers. This fully revised version includes important updates on articles and books as well as information on a crucial new topic: how to create transparencies and computer projections, both for classrooms and professional meetings. The text maintains its user-friendly, example-based, visual approach, gently easing readers into the secrets of Latex with The Short Course. Then it introduces basic ideas through sample articles and documents. It includes a visual guide and detailed exposition of multiline math formulas, and even provides instructions on preparing books for publishers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01.Your Latex
Chapter 02 Typing text
Chapter 03 Typing math
Chapter 04 Your first article and presentation
Chapter 05 Typing text
Chapter 06 Text environments
Chapter 07 Typing math
Chapter 08 More math
Chapter 09 Multiline math displays
Chapter 10 Latex documents
Chapter 11 The AMS article document class
Chapter 12 Legacy document classes
Chapter 13 PDF documents
Chapter 14 Presentations
Chapter 15 Customizing Latex
Chapter 16 Bibtex
Chapter 17 MakeIndex
Chapter 18 Books in Latex

Appendix A Installation
Appendix B Math symbol tables
Appendix C Text symbol tables
Appendix D Some background
Appendix E LATEXand the Internet
Appendix F PostScript fonts
Appendix G LATEX localized
Appendix H Final thoughts

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