My COMPUTeachER, The Computer Book for Everyone Front Cover

My COMPUTeachER, The Computer Book for Everyone

  • Length: 128 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2015-09-29
  • ISBN-10: 1105560295
  • ISBN-13: 9781105560293
  • Sales Rank: #5533935 (See Top 100 Books)

No matter what your background is, this book has something to offer. From computer basic concepts to online productivity with Google Docs, and from basic drawing to photo editing with Google Photos, this book provides an insight to a wide variety of computer programs. Whether you would like to read more about software to increase your productivity or just for fun, this book is for you. The handouts and post-activities presented here have served to introduce and enrich many computer applications. In My ComputeachEr, author Paul Rallion shares an entire coursework that he has built from scratch in the last 15 years as a computer instructor at the elementary, middle school, and adult education levels. This collection can now be yours to use and enjoy!

Table of Contents

Handout 1: Computer Basics
Handout 2: Keyboarding
Handout 3: Computer Drawing
Handout 4: Parts of the Computer
Handout 5: Computer Painting
Handout 6: Computer Desktop
Handout 7: Scanning Pictures
Handout 8: Resizing Pictures
Handout 9: Preview Program
Handout 10: Apple Finder & Windows Explorer
Handout 11: Photoshop
Handout 12: Photoshop Toolbar
Handout 13: Adjusting Pictures
Handout 14: Retouching Pictures
Handout 15: Modifying Pictures
Handout 16: Word Processing
Handout 17: Selecting Text
Handout 18: Formatting Tools
Handout 19: Formatting Palette
Handout 20: Adding Pictures
Handout 21: Making a Flyer
Handout 22: Spreadsheet: Introduction
Handout 23: Spreadsheet: Formatting
Handout 24: Spreadsheet: Math
Handout 25: Spreadsheet: Savings
Handout 26: Spreadsheet: Credit
Handout 27: Spreadsheet: Charts
Handout 28: Microsoft PowerPoint
Handout 29: Electronic Mail (e-mail)
Handout 30: Google Mail
Handout 31: E-mail POP SetUp
Handout 32: Email POP
Handout 33: Google Docs
Handout 34: Google Docs: Word Processing
Handout 35: Google Docs: Spreadsheet
Handout 36: Google Docs: Presentation
Handout 37: Google Drawing
Handout 38: Google Sites
Handout 39: Google Photos
Handout 40: Picasa Tools
Handout 41: Picasa Slideshows
Handout 42: Google Calendar
Handout 43: Internet
Handout 44: Social Media and Netiquette
Handout 45: Web page Design
Handout 46: Dreamweaver
Handout 47: Video Editing: iMovie
Handout 48: Flash Animation I
Handout 49: Flash Animation II
Handout 50: Computer Tips
Handout 51: Computer Maintenance
Handout 52: Troubleshooting
Handout 53: iTunes & Google Music
Handout 54: How to Take a Screenshot
Handout 55: How to Buy a Computer

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