Office 2013 Digital Classroom Front Cover

Office 2013 Digital Classroom

  • Length: 672 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2013-08-05
  • ISBN-10: 1118568478
  • ISBN-13: 9781118568477
  • Sales Rank: #1970445 (See Top 100 Books)

This complete training package makes learning the new Office 2013 even easier!

Featuring both a video training DVD and a full-color book, this training package is like having your own personal instructor guiding you through each lesson of learning Office 2013, all while you work at your own pace. The self-paced lessons allow you to discover the new features and capabilities of the new Office suite.

Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions and lesson files, and provides valuable video tutorials that complement what you’re learning and clearly demonstrate how to do tasks. This essential training package takes you well beyond the basics in a series of short, easy-to-absorb lessons.

  • Takes you from the basics through intermediate level topics and helps you find the information you need in a clear, approachable manner
  • Walks you through numerous lessons, each consisting of easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in full color that make each task less intimidating
  • Covers exciting new features of Office 2013 applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher
  • Features a companion DVD that includes lesson files and video tutorials for a complete training experience
  • Shares additional resources available on companion website:

This all-in-one, value-packed combo teaches you all you need to know to get confidently up and running with the new Office 2013 suite!

Table of Contents

Word Lesson 1: Microsoft Word 2013 Jumpstart
Word Lesson 2: Getting Started with Word 2013
Word Lesson 3: Beginning Text and Layout Operations
Word Lesson 4: Structuring Complex Documents
Word Lesson 5: Working with Tables
Word Lesson 6: Beyond Word: Linking and Collaborating
Word Lesson 7: Creating Mail Merges
Word Lesson 8: Blogging in Word

Excel Lesson 1: Getting Started with Excel 2013
Excel Lesson 2: Creating a Worksheet in Excel 2013
Excel Lesson 3: Formatting a Worksheet
Excel Lesson 4: Using Formulas in Excel 2013
Excel Lesson 5: Working with Charts
Excel Lesson 6: Working with Data
Excel Lesson 7: Working with Excel 2013 Templates
Excel Lesson 8: Advanced Data Analysis

PowerPoint Lesson 1: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Jumpstart
PowerPoint Lesson 2: Getting Started with PowerPoint 2013
PowerPoint Lesson 3: Designing a Presentation
PowerPoint Lesson 4: Using Tables, Charts, and SmartArt
PowerPoint Lesson 5: Adding Graphics and Multimedia to Your Presentation
PowerPoint Lesson 6: Delivering Your Presentation

Access Lesson 1: Microsoft Access 2013 Jumpstart
Access Lesson 2: Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2013

OneNote Lesson 1: Microsoft OneNote 2013 Jumpstart
OneNote Lesson 2: Getting Started with OneNote 2013

Publisher Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2013
Publisher Lesson 2: Microsoft Publisher 2013 Jumpstart

Outlook Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013
Outlook Lesson 2: Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook 2013

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