OS X Yosemite: For Seniors 2015 Front Cover

OS X Yosemite: For Seniors 2015


The OS X Yosemite operating system is the eleventh release of the OS X operating system that is used on Apple Inc’s desktop computers. This updated OS was released on June 2014 for beta testing and released to consumers in October 2014. This release made it particularly interesting for senior citizens as the various capabilities can help them to achieve their tasks effortlessly. There are many apps and integrated functions that allow the senior citizen users to be able to navigate and help themselves to achieve their needs. Many of the functions have been improved to allow them to do things seamlessly without having to understand much about the inner workings. When it comes to seniors, getting things done should be easy, simple and straight to the point. The OS X Yosemite has been successful in being useful to the older generation.This book will seek to explore the different features of the OS X Yosemite that will apply to seniors to efficiently fulfill their needs.

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