Painless Docker Basic Edition Front Cover

Painless Docker Basic Edition

  • Length: 715 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2017-08-21
  • ISBN-10: B0751GBJLY
  • Sales Rank: #403087 (See Top 100 Books)

Painless Docker Basic Edition: A Practical Guide to Master Docker and its Ecosystem Based on Real World Examples

Painless Docker is a Practical Boo to Master #Docker and its Ecosystem Based on Real World Examples.

Painless Docker is a complete and detailed guide to create, deploy, optimize, secure, trace, debug, log, orchestrate & monitor Docker and Docker clusters.

Through this training you will learn how to use Docker in development and production environments and the DevOps pipeline between them in order to build a modern microservices applications.

The Philosophy Powering This Course:

1- From the history of containers, installation, configuration, basic concepts, advanced concepts (seccomp, Linux Capabilities, Linux Namespaces, Apparmor ..etc), to building, running and orchestrating Docker containers & services.

2- All of the provided examples are tested and taken from the real world. The goal of this book is not just providing a documentation to Docker but learning how to use Docker in complex real world use cases

3- Trough this course you will be warned about the best practices and the things that you should & should not do. Painless Docker has a bottom-up approach to implementing best practices while learning.

4- “The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity” ~ Douglas Horton. Docker ecosystem may be complex but we tried to simply approach the whole bloc part by part without falling in useless complications.

5- The book was written using a lean approach and based on a continuous readers feedback followed by improvements. The main idea behind this course is providing a content of good quality about Docker since readers have participated by sharing their suggestions to ameliorate the content before the last version has been released

The 10 Most Important Things You Will Learn:

– Basics & Advanced Concepts Of Docker. More than just an introduction to Docker
– Building Your Own Images & Running Containers In Production.
– Docker Volumes, Networking & Advanced Concepts Like SDN, Docker Events, Storage Drivers, Cloud Drivers, Docker Clusters ..etc
– Optimizing Docker: Build better images and run better containers
– Using Docker API
– Docker Orchestration Using Swarm, Compose, Kubernetes & Rancher
– Using Docker To Build Microservices Architecture: Microservices and containers have common patterns
– Docker Security And Best Practices: What you will need to run a stable and secured production system
– Using Docker to Build & Run Microservices: Use Docker with other cloud services to prototype a microservices application

Table of Contents

Chapter I – Introduction To Docker & Containers
Chapter II – Installation & Configuration
Chapter III – Basic Concepts
Chapter IV – Advanced Concepts
Chapter V – Working With Docker Images
Chapter VI – Working With Docker Containers
Chapter VII – Working With Docker Machine
Chapter VIII – Docker Networking
Chapter IX – Composing Services Using Compose
Chapter X – Docker Logging
Chapter XI – Docker Debugging And Troubleshooting
Chapter XIII – Orchestration – Kubernetes
Chapter XIV – Orchestration – Rancher/Cattle
Chapter XV – Docker API
Chapter XVI – Docker Security
Chapter XVII – Docker, Containerd & Standalone Runtimes Architecture

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