PANDAS Programming in 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast: Pandas Quick Start Guide & Exercises Front Cover

PANDAS Programming in 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast: Pandas Quick Start Guide & Exercises


About This Book:

Book Length: Around 128 Pages
“Pandas Programming in 8 Hours & Exercises” covers all essential Pandas knowledge. You can learn complete primary skills of Pandas fast and easily. The book includes many practical examples for beginners and includes exercises for the college exam, the engineer certification exam, and the job interview exam.

Prerequisite to Learn Pandas
Before learning the Pandas, you should have basic knowledge of Python and the array, because Pandas works with Python and arrays.

Table of Contents

Hour 1
What is Pandas?
What Panda Is Used For?
Install Pandas
Set Up Python Editor
Import Pandas
Import Pandas Alias
Access Series
Create a Label
Key/Value Series
Access Series by Key

Hour 2
Locate the Row (1)
Locate the Row (2)
Set Up Index
Locate the Index
Data File
Read CSV File (1)
Read CSV File (2)
Create a Json File
Read Json File
Create a Python Dictionary
Read Python Dictionary

Hour 3
Embed Python Dictionary
Print the First 5 Rows
Specified Rows from Head
Print the Last 5 Rows
Specified Rows from Tail
Information of DataFrame
Null Values Occur
Remove Null Values
Fill in Value
Specify Column to Fill

Hour 4
Fill the Average Value
Fill the Middle Value
Fill the Most Hot Value
Wrong Formats Occur
Correct Wrong Format
Incorrect Data Occur
Remove Incorrect Data
Modify Incorrect Data (1)
Modify Incorrect Data (2)
Duplicate Data
Find Duplicate Data
Remove Duplicate Data

Hour 5
Data Correlation
Get Data Correlation
Data Correlation Chart:
Series Random Number
Check Series Empty
Check Series Size
Array Values of Series
Transpose a DataFrame
Check Data Type
Array Values of DataFrame
Size, Ndim, Shape

Hour 6
The Sum of Each Column
The Prod of Each Column
The Maximum Values
The Minimum Values
Standard Deviation
The Number of Rows
The DataFrame Description
Case Convsion
String Length
Number of Characters
Find the Index
Other String Functions

Hour 7
Row Name & Column Name
Sort by Row Names
Sort by Column Names
Sort in Ascending Order
Sort in Descending Order
Sort Vales by Column
Rename Rows & Columns
Iterate Over DataFrame (1)
Iterate Over DataFrame (2)

Hour 8
Iterate Over DataFrame (3)
Get Range of Regular Dates
Get Range of Business Dates
Get Range of Weekends
Get Range of Month End
Merge DataFrames
The Key of Left DataFrame
The Key of Right DataFrame

Pandas Exercises

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