Play More Games: A Conversation About Christians And Gaming Front Cover

Play More Games: A Conversation About Christians And Gaming


An international missionary and a ministry CEO

talk about what many Christians fear… video games. Technology is already highly controversial in Christian homes and culture. Gaming can feel even more negative. The fear of our kids being massively corrupted is ever present. There’s also the idea that our kids should do something more godly. Perhaps the biggest fear is that we don’t want to encourage anyone to waste time on something of so little value. We know what God’s Word says: “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” and we are in the world but we “are not of the world” The whole topic can be exhausting.

What if our preconceived notions are wrong?

What if our assumptions are based on long held beliefs that are incorrect? Christians often miss opportunities to connect with people because of misplaced fears. Matt and Mark take us into honest conversations about gaming and the benefits that we may miss if we approach the subject with a closed mind. They discuss some very positive aspects that are often not discussed in Christian circles.

Prepare to have your biblical theology reinforced but your personal opinions challenged. The goal is to have meaningful conversation around the topic of gaming. Get ready to Play More Games!

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