Practical Advanced TypeScript: Hands-On Learning And Advanced Concepts Front Cover

Practical Advanced TypeScript: Hands-On Learning And Advanced Concepts


Practical Advanced TypeScript is your one-stop guide to mastering TypeScript’s advanced language features through a unique, hands-on approach. This book is perfect for developers looking to learn the language in depth, understand its latest features, and select the patterns that fit real-world projects perfectly.

Unlike many theory-heavy books, this book balances clear explanations with hands-on practice. You’ll quickly be able to apply your new knowledge in the context of a realistic scenario, without having to wade through pages of history and monotonous, uninspiring content.

Each topic is explained in a well-defined and compact way, starting with realistic core concepts and building on them to help you grasp and utilize the more advanced language features. Complex features receive in-depth treatment, and chapters address common issues while teaching you how to avoid them. This book is designed to be framework-agnostic, ensuring that the knowledge you gain can be applied to any project type and size , framework , library.

By the end of this TypeScript book, you’ll be able to efficiently recognize when , why and how to apply appropriate techniques and advanced language features in any practical use case, and gain the confidence to work on scalable and maintainable TypeScript projects of any size.

Who this book is for

If you are already a JavaScript or TypeScript developer or at least you have experience using another programming language is required to get started

What you will learn

  • Type System Multiverse & Type-level Programming with numerous hands-on examples in the context of a realistic scenarios
  • Diving Deep into TypeScript: Combining Types, Operators, and Utilities for Real-World Scenarios
  • Core and advanced TypeScript language features , with contextual explanations and code examples that help you grasp complex concepts with ease.
  • Metaprogramming in Javascript with TypeScript
  • AOP and OOP in TypeScript and separation of concerns into different entities
  • (GoF) Design Patterns – Applying TypeScript and how Apply industry-standard design patterns to build modular code
  • Explore and apply micro front-end technologies and techniques
  • Asynchronous language features
  • TypeScript Ecosystem
  • And much more
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