Precisely: Working with Precision Systems in a World of Data Front Cover

Precisely: Working with Precision Systems in a World of Data


If you want to win an election, improve the health of a city, or thrill your customers, you’re going to need precision systems–the highly engineered working arrangements of teams, processes, and technologies that put data and AI to work creating the change that leaders want, exactly how they want it. Big tech firms like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook have mastered their own precision systems, building trillion-dollar businesses using data-driven tools from mass-market “nudges” to industrial-grade recommendation systems.

Precisely is the playbook for the rest of us. Zachary Tumin and Madeleine Want show how leaders in every domain are taking real-time precision systems into the marketplace, the political race, and the fight for health–from New York-Presbyterian Hospital to the New York Times, the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens to BNSF Railroad, the Biden-Harris campaign to the NYPD–to reveal elusive patterns, perform a repetitive task, run a play, or tailor a message, one at a time or by the millions.

Precisely provides insight that will help leaders choose the system that’s right for them, decide which problem to tackle first, sell the importance of precision to stakeholders, power-up the people and the technology, and accomplish change that delivers precisely what’s needed every time–and do it all responsibly.

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