Principles of Direct Database & Digital Marketing, 5th Edition Front Cover

Principles of Direct Database & Digital Marketing, 5th Edition


The growth of digital marketing is the most important yet unpredictable trend in marketing today. How can the online world be harnessed by the companies of today and tomorrow to grow their marketing impact? What role do information and databases have to play in this system? And why do some non-digital means of direct marketing still remain so powerful? Alan Tapp’s successful text has long been a leading authority on direct marketing, and for this fifth edition he is joined by Ian Whitten and Matthew Housden for the most up-to-date book yet. The authors all bring great expertise across direct, database and digital marketing to provide comprehensive, compelling coverage of the key theory and debates of the fields. The fifth edition includes comprehensive coverage of all recent developments in digital marketing, including analysis of the seemingly relentless rise of Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. It has a range of thoroughly updated case studies covering companies and organisations from sports teams to car manufacturers and non-profits and contains a new chapter on Data Protection legislation and its impact on marketers.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introducing direct and digital marketing
Chapter 1: What is direct and digital marketing?
Chapter 2: The database

Part 2: Using direct marketing to analyse the marketing situation
Chapter 3: The customer database: analysis and applications
Chapter 4: Using external databases in direct marketing

Part 3: Setting objectives and strategies within direct marketing
Chapter 5: Direct marketing objectives and strategies
Chapter 6: The strategic influences on direct and digital marketing
Chapter 7: Relationship marketing and CRM
Chapter 8: Digital marketing and the Internet
Chapter 9: Social media

Part 4: Direct marketing implementation and control
Chaptrt 10: Offers and incentives in direct marketing
Chapter 11: Direct marketing media
Chapter 12: Acquisition media
Chapter 13: Creative practice and consumer behaviour in direct marketing
Chapter 14: Testing, budgeting and research in direct marketing
Chapter 15: Legal impacts on direct, database and digital marketing

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