Pro Spring 6: An In-Depth Guide to the Spring Framework Front Cover

Pro Spring 6: An In-Depth Guide to the Spring Framework

  • Length: 964 pages
  • Edition: 6
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2023-07-22
  • ISBN-10: 1484286391
  • ISBN-13: 9781484286395
  • Sales Rank: #2851433 (See Top 100 Books)

Master the Spring Framework, its fundamentals and core topics, and share the authors’ insights and real-world experiences. This book goes well beyond the basics: you’ll learn how to leverage the latest Spring Framework 6 to build the various tiers and parts of today’s modern, complex enterprise Java applications systems, top to bottom, including data access, SQL generation with jOOQ, persistence with Hibernate, transactions, set up security, classic web and presentation tiers and adding in some reactivity. Spring 6 will be based on the latest available Long Term Support (LTS) release, Java 17. So, you will be able to do the following in your Spring applications: use records, use new utility methods in String class; utilize Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters; Nested Based Access Control, and more. Integrating Spring with the most used frameworks and libraries is covered in this book, such as Testcontainers, Hibernate, jOOQ, Kafka and many others.

A full sample application allows you to apply many of the technologies and techniques covered in Pro Spring 6 and see how they work together. This book updates the perennial bestseller with the latest that Spring Framework 6 has to offer. Now in its sixth edition, this popular title is by far the most comprehensive and definitive treatment of Spring available. After reading this book, you’ll be armed with the power of Spring to build complex applications, top to bottom. The agile, lightweight, open-source Spring Framework continues to be the de facto leading enterprise Java application development framework for today’s Java programmers and developers.

What You Will Learn

  • What’s new in Spring Framework 6 and how to use it with the latest LTS version of Java, Java 17
  • How to integrate Spring with the most renowned and practical frameworks and dependencies
  • How to build complex enterprise cloud-native applications using Spring 6
  • How to master data access, persistence and transactions
  • How to use with Spring Batch, Integration and other key Spring projects

This Book Is For

Experienced Java and enterprise Java developers and programmers. Some experience with Spring highly recommended.

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