Programming Basics with C#: Comprehensive Introduction to Programming with C#: Video Book + Learning Platform Front Cover

Programming Basics with C#: Comprehensive Introduction to Programming with C#: Video Book + Learning Platform

  • Length: 837 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2019-10-17
  • ISBN-10: B07Z8Y33DF
  • Sales Rank: #3576124 (See Top 100 Books)

The free book “Programming Basics with C#” ( is a comprehensive entry level computer programming tutorial for absolute beginners that teaches basics of coding (variables and data, conditional statements, loops and methods), logical thinking and problem solving using the C# language. The book comes with free video lessons for each chapter, 150+ practical exercises with an automated online evaluation system (online judge) and solution guidelines for the exercises.

The book “Programming Basics with C#” introduces the readers with writing programming code at a beginners level (basic coding skills), working with development environment (IDE), using variables and data, operators and expressions, working with the console (reading input data and printing output), using conditional statements (if, if-else, switch-case), loops (for, while, do-while, foreach) and methods (declaring and calling methods, passing parameters and returning values), as well as algorithmic thinking and solving practical programming problems.

This free coding book for beginners is written by a team of developers lead by Dr. Svetlin Nakov ( who has 25+ years practical software development experience and 15+ years as software development trainer. The free book “Programming Basics with C#” is an official textbook for the “Programming Basics” classes at the Software University (SoftUni), used by tens of thousands of students at the start of their software development education.

The book relies on the “explain by examples” and “learn by doing” approaches to learning the practical coding skills required to become a software engineer. Each chapter provides some concepts, explained as video lesson with lots of code examples, followed by practical exercises involving the use of the new concepts with online evaluation system (online judge). Learners watch the videos, try the sample code and solve the exercises, which come as part of each book chapter. Exercises are given in series with increasing complexity: from quite trivial, though little complicated to highly complicated, requiring more thinking and research in Internet. Most exercises come with detailed hints and guidelines about how to construct a correct solution.

This book is developed by a broad author’s team of volunteers, lead by Dr. Svetlin Nakov, who dedicated their time to give away the systematized knowledge and guide you at the start of programming: Aleksander Krastev, Aleksander Lazarov, Angel Dimitriev, Vasko Viktorov, Ventsislav Petrov, Daniel Tsvetkov, Dimitar Tatarski, Dimo Dimov, Diyan Tonchev, Elena Rogleva, Zhivko Nedyalkov, Julieta Atanasova, Zahariya Pehlivanova, Ivelin Kirilov, Iskra Nikolova, Kalin Primov, Kristiyan Pamidov, Luboslav Lubenov, Nikolay Bankin, Nikolay Dimov, Pavlin Petkov, Petar Ivanov, Preslav Mihaylov, Rositsa Nenova, Ruslan Filipov, Svetlin Nakov, Stefka Vasileva, Teodor Kurtev, Tonyo Zhelev, Hristiyan Hristov, Hristo Hristov, Tsvetan Iliev, Yulian Linev, Yanitsa Vuleva.

Download the free C# programming basics book (as PDF, ePub and Mobi formats), watch the video lessons and the live coding demos, solve the practical exercises and evaluate your solutions at the book official Web site:

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