Progress in Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering: Proceedings of ICACIE 2016, Volume 2 Front Cover

Progress in Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering: Proceedings of ICACIE 2016, Volume 2

  • Length: 723 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2018-01-19
  • ISBN-10: 9811068747
  • ISBN-13: 9789811068744

Progress in Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering: Proceedings of ICACIE 2016, Volume 2 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing)

The book focuses on both theory and applications in the broad areas of communication technology, computer science and information security. This two volume book contains the Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering. These volumes bring together academic scientists, professors, research scholars and students to share and disseminate information on knowledge and scientific research works related to computing, networking, and informatics to discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The book also promotes translation of basic research into applied investigation and convert applied investigation into practice.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Framework To Enhance The Learning Outcome With Fuzzy Logic-Based Abls (Adaptive Behaviourial Learning System)
Chapter 2 Experimental Comparison Of Sampling Techniques For Imbalanced Datasets Using Various Classification Models
Chapter 3 Blended 3D Interaction Using Wii-Remote For Learning Educational Content
Chapter 4 Augmented Use Of Depth Vision For Interactive Applications
Chapter 5 An Enhanced Intrusion Detection System Based On Clustering
Chapter 5 Identification Of Co-Expressed Micrornas Using Rough Hypercuboid-Based Interval Type-2 Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm
Chapter 7 A Novel Algorithm For Network Anomaly Detection Using Adaptive Machine Learning
Chapter 8 Recognition Of Odia Conjunct Characters Using A Hybrid Ann-De Classification Technique
Chapter 9 Email Classification Using Supervised Learning Algorithms
Chapter 10 Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network Based Immersive Vr System For Cognitive Computer Gaming
Chapter 11 Computer-Aided Therapeutic Of Alzheimer’S Disease Eulogizing Pattern Classification And Deep Learning Protruded On Tree-Based Learning Method
Chapter 12 A Survey On Computer-Aided Detection Techniques Of Prostate Cancer
Chapter 13 Thought Co-Relation: A Quantitative Approach To Classify Eeg Data For Predictive Analysis
Chapter 14 Modified Rotation Forest Ensemble Classifier For Medical Diagnosis In Decision Support Systems
Chapter 15 Social Data Analytics By Visualized Clustering Approach For Health Care
Chapter 16 Mining Efficient Rules For Scene Classification Using Human-Inspired Features
Chapter 17 Patent Document Clustering Using Dimensionality Reduction
Chapter 18 Sc2: A Selection-Based Consensus Clustering Approach
Chapter 19 Isolated Kannada Speech Recognition Using Htk—A Detailed Approach
Chapter 20 Simulation-Based Detection Of Lyme Disease In Blood In Rhesus Macaques Using Combined Volterra Rls-Mtp Approach For Proper Antibiotic
Chapter 21 A Study On Some Aspects Of Biologically Inspired Multi-Agent Systems
Chapter 22 A Qualitative Hemodynamic Analysis On Human Cerebrovascular Phantom
Chapter 23 A Case Study For Ranking Of Relevant Search Results
Chapter 24 Constrained Team Formation Using Risk Estimation Based On Reputation And Knowledge
Chapter 25 Compare Different Similarity Measure Formula Based Imprecise Query On Neutrosophic Data
Chapter 26 Path Executions Of Java Bytecode Programs
Chapter 27 An Approach To Track Context Switches In Sentiment Analysis
Chapter 28 Calendric Association Rule Mining From Time Series Database
Chapter 29 Maintaining Bi-Temporal Schema Versions In Temporal Data Warehouses
Chapter 30 Designing Natural Language Processing Systems With Quickscript As A Platform
Chapter 31 Implementation Of Low Cost, Reliable, And Advanced Control With Head Movement, Wheelchair For Physically Challenged People
Chapter 32 Optimize Scale Independent Queries With Invariant Computation
Chapter 33 Generation Of Optimized Robotic Assembly Of Radial Engine
Chapter 34 Velocity Restriction-Based Improvised Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Chapter 35 Multipurpose Gps Guided Autonomous Mobile Robot
Chapter 36 A Modification To Graph Based Approach For Extraction Based Automatic Text Summarization
Chapter 37 Intellectual Conveyance Structure For Travellers
Chapter 38 A Viewpoint On Different Data Deduplication Systems And Allied Issues
Chapter 39 Improved Genetic Algorithm For Selecting Significant Genes In Cancer Diagnosis
Chapter 40 Perspective Approach Towards Business Intelligence Framework In Healthcare
Chapter 41 Gene Selection And Enrichment For Microarray Data—A Comparative Network Based Approach
Chapter 42 Role Of Big Data In Make In India
Chapter 43 Agent-Based Wormhole Attack Detection And Prevention Algorithm In The Cloud Network Using Mapreduce Technique
Chapter 44 Tourism Recommendation Using Machine Learning Approach
Chapter 45 A Secure Clustering Technique For Unstructured And Uncertain Big Data
Chapter 46 Reducing Search Space In Big Data Mining
Chapter 47 Justified Group Recommender Systems
Chapter 48 Equalization Of Communication Channels Using Ga-Trained Rbf Networks
Chapter 49 Effect Of Circular Variation In Thickness And Linear Variation In Density On Vibrational Frequencies
Chapter 50 Design Of A Low-Power Alu And Synchronous Counter Using Clock Gating Technique
Chapter 51 N-Bit Pipelined Csm Based Square Root Circuit For Binary Numbers
Chapter 52 Modelling Of A Fibonacci Sequence 8-Bit Current Steering Dac To Improve The Second Order Nonlinearities
Chapter 53 Design Of Low-Power And High-Performance Network Interface For 2 × 2 Sdm-Based Noc And Implementation On Spartan 6 Fpga
Chapter 54 Aspects Of Machine Learning In Cognitive Radio Networks
Chapter 55 Fpga Implementation Of Buffer-Less Noc Router For Sdm-Based Network-On-Chip
Chapter 56 A High-Speed Booth Multiplier Based On Redundant Binary Algorithm
Chapter 57 Evaluation Of Channel Modeling Techniques For Indoor Power Line Communication
Chapter 58 Power Analysis And Implementation Of Low-Power Design For Test Architecture For Ultrasparc Chip Multiprocessor
Chapter 59 Power Optimization For Arithmetic Components In Assistive Digital Devices
Chapter 60 Eeg Artifact Detection Model: A Landmark-Based Approach
Chapter 61 Design And Comparison Of Electromagnetically Coupled Patch Antenna Arrays At 30 Ghz
Chapter 62 Natural Language Query To Formal Syntax For Querying Semantic Web Documents
Chapter 63 Bat Inspired Sentiment Analysis Of Twitter Data
Chapter 64 Internet Of Things: A Survey On Iot Protocol Standards
Chapter 65 Influence Of Twitter On Prediction Of Election Results
Chapter 66 The Rise Of Internet Of Things (Iot) In Big Healthcare Data: Review And Open Research Issues
Chapter 67 Implementation Of Ssvep Technology To Develop Assistive Devices
Chapter 68 E-Governance An Ease Or Difficult To Chase In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Chapter 69 Domain-Based Search Engine Evaluation

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