Protocol Buffers Handbook: Getting deeper into Protobuf internals and its usage Front Cover

Protocol Buffers Handbook: Getting deeper into Protobuf internals and its usage

  • Length: 226 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2024-04-30
  • ISBN-10: 1805124676
  • ISBN-13: 9781805124672

Delve into Google Protobuf with the help of practical examples and exercises for streamlined communication and seamless integration with gRPC

Key Features

  • Encode and decode complex data structures, enhancing data interchange efficiency across systems
  • Understand Protobuf by mastering the syntax, schema evolution, customizations, and more
  • Integrate Protobuf into your preferred language ecosystem, ensuring interoperability and effective collaboration
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

Explore how Protocol Buffers (Protobuf) serialize structured data and provides a language-neutral, platform-neutral, and extensible solution. With this guide to mastering Protobuf, you’ll build your skills to effectively serialize, transmit, and manage data across diverse platforms and languages.

This book will help you enter the world of Protocol Buffers by unraveling the intricate nuances of Protobuf syntax and showing you how to define complex data structures. As you progress, you’ll learn schema evolution, ensuring seamless compatibility as your projects evolve. The book also covers advanced topics such as custom options and plugins, allowing you to tailor validation processes to your specific requirements. You’ll understand how to automate project builds using cutting-edge tools such as Buf and Bazel, streamlining your development workflow. With hands-on projects in Go and Python programming, you’ll learn how to practically apply Protobuf concepts. Later chapters will show you how to integrate data interchange capabilities across different programming languages, enabling efficient collaboration and system interoperability.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a solid understanding of Protobuf internals, enabling you to discern when and how to use and redefine your approach to data serialization.

What you will learn

  • Focus on efficient data interchange with advanced serialization techniques
  • Master Protocol Buffers syntax and schema evolution
  • Perform custom validation via Protoc plugins for precise data integrity
  • Integrate languages seamlessly for versatile system development
  • Automate project building with Buf and Bazel
  • Get to grips with Go and Python integration for real-world Protobuf applications
  • Streamline collaboration through system interoperability with Protobuf

Who this book is for

This book is for software developers, from novices to experienced programmers, who are interested in harnessing the power of Protocol Buffers. It’s particularly valuable for those seeking efficient data serialization solutions for APIs, microservices, and data-intensive applications. The content covered in this book accommodates diverse programming backgrounds, offering essential knowledge to both beginners and seasoned developers.

Table of Contents

  1. Serialization Primer
  2. ProtoBuf is a Language
  3. Describing Data with Protobuf’s Text Format
  4. Protoc: The Protobuf Compiler
  5. Serialization Internals
  6. Schema Evolution Over Time
  7. Adress Book- Go
  8. Adress Book- Python
  9. Developing a Protoc Plugin
  10. Advanced Build
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