Python for Absolute Beginners: A Practical Introduction to Modern Python with Simple Hands-on Projects Front Cover

Python for Absolute Beginners: A Practical Introduction to Modern Python with Simple Hands-on Projects


Learn Real Python Programming Today! With Hands-On Coding Projects and Exercises

Wanna learn programming? Wanna learn Python? Start from this book! This book will teach you the fundamentals of programming and the Python language basics, in a series of thoughtfully organized lessons for the most effective learning experience. It includes many hands-on exercises!

Python for (Absolute) Beginners will give you the best introduction to programming in Python whether you are coming from a different programming language background or you are learning programming for the first time. This book covers all the essential features of Modern Python (Python 3.10/3.11) through the carefully designed code examples.

Python for (Absolute) Beginners starts from the absolute basics such as how to install the Python tools on your machine, and how to use the Python interactive shell, and it covers all the key concepts of Python 3 with enough depth to be useful even to the experienced programmers.

Python for (Absolute) Beginners is rather unique in that, throughout the book, we cover the fundamentals of Python programming while working on a few simple real programming projects. The book also includes a few “lab sessions” with a number of practical exercises, in which the readers can practice real hands-on programming.

Python for (Absolute) Beginners covers the following topics, among others:

  • How to install Python locally on your machine.
  • How to effectively use the Python REPL (interactive shell)
  • The basic structure of a Python program.
  • Python modules and packages.
  • Basic constructs of Python such as expressions and statements.
  • Simple built-in data types, e.g., as integer, float, bool, and string.
  • Complex built-in data types, e.g., list, tuple, and dictionary.
  • Objects. Variables and assignments.
  • Immutability vs mutability.
  • Arithmetic and comparison operations.
  • Built-in functions and methods, e.g., print(), input(), type(), etc.
  • Loops using the for and while statements.
  • If-else conditional expressions and conditional statements.
  • The new `match` statement. (New as of 3.10.) Structural pattern matching.
  • How to define a function using the def statement.
  • How to define a custom type using the class statement.
  • How to create a new enum type.
  • Typing and type annotations.
  • Fundamental concepts of programming such as “recursion”.
  • Object oriented programming (OOP).
  • Basics of the software development process.

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Note 1: The book primarily uses CLI (terminal programs), and not IDEs, to illustrate the software development practice.
Note 2: Smart people will most likely pick up this book and end up learning real solid Python programming in the long run!

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