Python Machine Learning: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide for Understand Neural Network, Artificial Intelligent Front Cover

Python Machine Learning: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide for Understand Neural Network, Artificial Intelligent


Are you new to machine learning and looking to eventually launch a career in Python?
Do you want to learn how to do machine learning with Python but you have problems getting started?
Machine learning is a subject that has quickly become popular in a wide range of domains such as Data Science, Artificial intelligence among others. The use of machine learning in these domains offers incredible opportunities. If you are just starting your career, this could just be the best decision you make.
Have you been thinking of learning Python as your first programming language? Do you have data that you have generated and do not know where to start analyzing them? Are you interested in digesting your big data into meaningful information that will inform decision makers?
Well, you have come to the right place!

So many people think that they need to have expertise in math and programming for them to use Python at all. Trust me, you need zero-experience! All you need is interest and a strong motivation to learn all these things. You may be thinking to yourself “But why Python?” Well, there are so many reasons why Python is the best programming language to start with.

In this book, you’ll learn all the important topics that you need to know for you to implement machine learning with Python. Such topics you will meet include

An introduction and principles behind machine learning
How to download, install Python, and get the best package for machine learning in Python.
You’ll load a dataset and understand its structure using data visualization and summaries.
Getting dirty with Python
The algorithms that constitute to machine learning
The core foundations of data science, neural networks and deep learning
The libraries you can never avoid
And much more!!
Python is a powerful interpreted language. Unlike other languages such as R, Python is a complete language and platform where you can apply both research and development production. Still, there are many modules and libraries which you can select from and generate different ways to perform each task.

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