Raspberry Pi: Learn Fundamentals and Unlock Powerful Hacks of Using Raspberry Pi Front Cover

Raspberry Pi: Learn Fundamentals and Unlock Powerful Hacks of Using Raspberry Pi

  • Length: 205 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2020-12-26
  • ISBN-10: B08RC4BMMZ
  • ISBN-13: 9798586885081

You Are About To Discover How To Set Up Your Raspberry Pi, Step By Step, The Easy Way, And Make The Most Of This Revolutionary Technology To Achieve So Much More Than You Can Imagine!

Have you been looking for a simple and inexpensive way to do basic computing and even learn programming, boost your software development tasks or just simplify your life at home with a convenient computer?

If yes, then you’ve been looking for a Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer that is taking the tech world by storm. Even though when it was released, its main aim was to promote the basics of software development or programming to school-going kids, today, it’s being used to handle tons of other tasks in households and industries.

Besides learning programming in a simplified way, this is a device that you can use as a web server to host your personal files locally or remotely without paying hosting costs, display dynamic media discreetly, stream audio and handle many more tasks at a very low cost and power consumption.

But I’m sure you already know why this device is important, and perhaps you’re here because, like most newbies, you’ve been wondering:

  • How do I set up the device and configure its individual hardware parts once I get it?
  • How to I install the requisite software?
  • How to I navigate its environment and not get confused?
  • How to I connect it remotely?
  • How do I use it to compute- perhaps create a program?

If I’m right, then you made the right choice coming here because that’s exactly what this book is here for. You’ll get answers to these and many more questions while learning how to make the most of this innovative device in no time!

Here’s a tiny bit of what you’ll learn:

  • The Raspberry Pi Components
  • Why would the Raspberry Pi be chosen and not anything else?
  •  Pi Drawbacks
  • Raspberry Pi Benefits
  • Linux System Administration Setting Up The Troubleshooting
  • Configuring The network
  • Tool for RASPBERRY PI configuration
  • Hardware hacking
  • The GPIO port
  • THE RASPBERRY PI (camera module)

..And much more!

But even so, you could also be asking yourself:

Will I be able to follow, understand, complete and implement this book within a day?

Will I learn how handle the device, and solve potential problems on my own?

Will I be able to know how to utilize the device for basic computing, multimedia functions, web functions and other fundamental uses of the device without struggling?

And if that’s the case, let me assure you that the answer is YES, but there’s a catch:

Your first need to make one critical step-

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