Recent Progress in Data Engineering and Internet Technology: Volume 1 Front Cover

Recent Progress in Data Engineering and Internet Technology: Volume 1

  • Length: 800 pages
  • Edition: 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2012-08-01
  • ISBN-10: 3642288065
  • ISBN-13: 9783642288067
  • Sales Rank: #16165640 (See Top 100 Books)

The latest inventions in internet technology influence most of business and daily activities. Internet security, internet data management, web search, data grids, cloud computing, and web-based applications play vital roles, especially in business and industry, as more transactions go online and mobile. Issues related to ubiquitous computing are becoming critical.

Internet technology and data engineering should reinforce efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. These technologies should help people make better and more accurate decisions by presenting necessary information and possible consequences for the decisions. Intelligent information systems should help us better understand and manage information with ubiquitous data repository and cloud computing.

This book is a compilation of some recent research findings in Internet Technology and Data Engineering. This book provides state-of-the-art accounts in computational algorithms/tools, database management and database technologies,  intelligent information systems, data engineering applications,  internet security, internet data management, web search, data grids, cloud computing, web-based application, and other related topics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Design of Fault Detection Filter for T-S Fuzzy Time-Delay Systems
Chapter 2. Autonomous and Pervasive Computing-Based Knowledge Service
Chapter 3. Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on Periodicity Similarity Characteristics
Chapter 4. An Eigenvector-Based Kernel Clustering Approach to Detecting Communities in Complex Networks
Chapter 5. Distributed Gaussian Mixture Learning Based on Variational Approximations
Chapter 6. The Function and Relationship of Verbal and Nonverbal Cues in IM Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 7. Using Version Control System to Construct Ownership Architecture Documentations
Chapter 8. DF-ReaL2Boost: A Hybrid Decision Forest with Real L2Boosted Decision Stumps
Chapter 9. Magazine Image Retrieval with Camera-Phone
Chapter 10. Statistical Clustering and Times Series Analysis for Bridge Monitoring Data
Chapter 11. Towards Smart Advisor’s Framework Based on Multi Agent Systems and Data Mining Methods
Chapter 12. Automatic LSA-Based Retrieval of Synonyms (for Search Space Extension)
Chapter 13. Research on Method of Wavelet Function Selection to Vibration Signal Filtering
Chapter 14. Time Series Subsequence Matching Based on Middle Points and Clipping
Chapter 15. Effects of Spatial Scale in Cellular Automata Model for Land Use Change
Chapter 16. Prediction Model Based on PCA – DRKM–RBF
Chapter 17. A Topic Detection and Tracking System with TF-Density
Chapter 18. Community Identification of Financial Market Based on Affinity Propagation
Chapter 19. Research on Optimization of Target Oil Wells for CO2 Huff and Puff in Yushulin OilWell
Chapter 20. A Secret Embedding Scheme by Means of Re-indexing VQ Codebook upon Image Processing
Chapter 21. Knowledge Management System: Combination of Experts’ Knowledge and Automatic Improvement
Chapter 22. Evaluating Recommender System Using Multiagent-Based Simulator
Chapter 23. On the Constraint Satisfaction Method for University Personal Course Scheduling
Chapter 24. Factors Affecting Productivity of Fractured Horizontal Wells
Chapter 25. Informal Lightweight Knowledge Extraction from Documents
Chapter 26. A Classification Model Using Emerging Patterns Incorporating Item Taxonomy
Chapter 27. Synchronised Data Logging, Processing and Visualisation Framework for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
Chapter 28. Design of SENIOR: A Case Study Using NoGap
Chapter 29. GWDL: A Graphical Workflow Definition Language for BusinessWorkflows
Chapter 30. A Feature Representation and Extraction Method for Malicious Code Detection Based on LZW Compression Algorithm
Chapter 31. CASM: Coherent Automated Schema Matcher
Chapter 32. Research on Constructing 3D Geological Model of the Construction Layers in Daxing New City Area of Beijing City
Chapter 33. Preliminary Study of HGML-Based Virtual Scene Construction and Interaction Display
Chapter 34. The Next-Generation Search Engine: Challenges and Key Technologies
Chapter 35. An Efficient k-Anonymization Algorithm with Low Information Loss
Chapter 36. Design and Realization of Data Gateway for Large-Scale Alternately Supervisory System
Chapter 37. Research on Mass Geospatial Raster Data Processing Based on Map/Reduce Model
Chapter 38. A Parallel-Enabled Frequency Offset Estimation Scheme for Optical Coherent Receivers
Chapter 39. Process-Driven Integrated Product Design Platform
Chapter 40. Segmentation of Audio Visual Malay Digit Utterances Using Endpoint Detection
Chapter 41. Data Mining in Clinical Decision Support Systems
Chapter 42. Spatial Influence Index Effects in the Analysis of Epidemic Data
Chapter 43. EPON’s Research on Transmission of Sampling Value in Process Level of Digital Substation
Chapter 44. Intelligent Clinical Information Systems for the Cardiovascular Diseases
Chapter 45. Forecast the Foreign Exchange Rate between Rupiah and US Dollar by Applying Grey Method
Chapter 46. Simulating Patent Knowledge Contexts
Chapter 47. Apply Data Mining on Location-Based Healthcare System
Chapter 48. Using Fuzzy Logic in Virus-Mediated Gene Therapy
Chapter 49. Towards Using Cached Data Mining for Large Scale Recommender Systems
Chapter 50. BAX-SET PLUS: A Taxonomic Navigation Model to Categorize, Search and Retrieve Semantic Web Services
Chapter 51. Text-Transformed Image Classification Based on Data Compression
Chapter 52. Numerical Analysis of Touch Mode Capacitive Pressure Sensor Using Graphical User Interface
Chapter 53. Multithreading Embedded Multimedia Application for Vehicle Blackbox
Chapter 54. An EMD-Oriented Hiding Scheme for Reversible Data Embedding in Images
Chapter 55. Gait Control for Guide Dog Robot to Walk and Climb a Step
Chapter 56. Artificial Neural Network-Based Lot Number Recognition for Cadastral Map
Chapter 57. The Novel Virtual Reality Fixture Design and Assembly System (VFDAS)
Chapter 58. Multi-phenomenon Oriented Embedded Software Fault Diagnosis
Chapter 59. Asymptotic Behavior of Random Walks with Resting State in Ergodic Environments
Chapter 60. Research on the Spatio-temporal Pass Index1 Model in Emergency Evacuation
Chapter 61. On Issues of Multi-path Routing in Overlay – Networks Using Optimization Algorithms
Chapter 62. Reviews on Intelligent Building Systems in China
Chapter 63. XBeGene: Scalable XML Documents Generator by Example Based on Real Data
Chapter 64. A Preliminary Activity Recognition of WSN Data on Ubiquitous Health Care for Physical Therapy
Chapter 65. Development and Evaluation of Question Templates for Text Mining
Chapter 66. Segmentation of Fibro-Glandular Discs in Digital Mammograms Using Log-Normal Distribution
Chapter 67. An OOAD Model of Program Understanding System’s Parser
Chapter 68. The Unified Modeling Language Model of an Object Oriented Debugger System
Chapter 69. A FPGA-Based Real Time QRS Complex Detection System Using Adaptive Lifting Scheme
Chapter 70. A Novel Temporal-Spatial Color Descriptor Representation for Video Analysis

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