Recent Progress in Data Engineering and Internet Technology: Volume 2 Front Cover

Recent Progress in Data Engineering and Internet Technology: Volume 2

  • Length: 548 pages
  • Edition: 2012
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2012-04-05
  • ISBN-10: 3642287972
  • ISBN-13: 9783642287978
  • Sales Rank: #18090440 (See Top 100 Books)

The latest inventions in internet technology influence most of business and daily activities. Internet security, internet data management, web search, data grids, cloud computing, and web-based applications play vital roles, especially in business and industry, as more transactions go online and mobile. Issues related to ubiquitous computing are becoming critical.

Internet technology and data engineering should reinforce efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. These technologies should help people make better and more accurate decisions by presenting necessary information and possible consequences for the decisions. Intelligent information systems should help us better understand and manage information with ubiquitous data repository and cloud computing.

This book is a compilation of some recent research findings in Internet Technology and Data Engineering. This book provides state-of-the-art accounts in computational algorithms/tools, database management and database technologies,  intelligent information systems, data engineering applications,  internet security, internet data management, web search, data grids, cloud computing, web-based application, and other related topics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Applying Moving Boundary and Nested Grid to Compute the Accretion, Erosion at the Estuary
Chapter 2. Study on the Evaluation of Technological Innovation Efficiency of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in China Based on Improved DEA
Chapter 3. Design of Distributed Heterogeneous Data Retrieval Engine Using Service Oriented Architectures and Rich Internet Applications
Chapter 4. Relationship between Internet Search Data and Stock Return: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Stock Market
Chapter 5. Hybrid Web Service Selection by Combining Semantic and Keyword Approaches
Chapter 6. Research of Ontology-Driven Agricultural Search Engine
Chapter 7. Efficient Encoding Technique for Strings-Based Dynamic XML Labeling Schemes
Chapter 8. Cross-Language Peculiar Image Search Using Translaion between Japanese and English
Chapter 9. VSEC: A Vertical Search Engine for E-commerce
Chapter 10. Knowledge Based System for Intelligent Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 11. A Novel Research Methodology for Gastronomic Blogs
Chapter 12. Semantic Network Active Directory Service System
Chapter 13. Lost in Translation: Data Integration Tools Meet the Semantic Web (Experiences from the Ondex Project)
Chapter 14. Multi-classification Document Manager
Chapter 15. Investigating the Potential of Rough Sets Theory in Automatic Thesaurus Construction
Chapter 16. Sentiment Analysis in Colombian Online Newspaper Comments
Chapter 17. Privacy Tradeoffs in eCommerce: Agent-Based Delegation for Payoff Maximization
Chapter 18. An Improved Kernel Trojan Horse Architecture Model
Chapter 19. Automatically Resolving Virtual Function Calls in Binary Executables
Chapter 20. Research of Network Intrusion-Detection System Based on Data Mining
Chapter 21. Classification Algorithm for Filtering E-mail Spams
Chapter 22. DPEES: DDoS Protection Effectiveness Evaluation System
Chapter 23. Host Based Detection Approach Using Time Based Module for Fast Attack Detection Behavior
Chapter 24. Virtual Machine Based Autonomous Web Server
Chapter 25. Generation of IPv6 Addresses Based on One-to-Many Reversible Mapping Using AES
Chapter 26. A Study on Privacy Preserving Data Leakage Prevention System
Chapter 27. The Trojan Horse Detection Technology Based on Support Vector Machine
Chapter 28. High Capacity Lossless VQ Hiding with Grouping Strategy
Chapter 29. Traffic-Oriented STDMA Scheduling in Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Chapter 30. Cloud Computing: Understanding the Technology before Getting “Clouded”
Chapter 31. Literature Review of Network Traffic Classification Using Neural Networks
Chapter 32. AUS: A Scalable IPv6 Multicast Solution
Chapter 33. Indonesian Shallow Stemmer for Text Reading Support System
Chapter 34. Intellectual Property Online Education System Based on Moodle
Chapter 35. Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Teams a Perspective View of Social Capital
Chapter 36. A Study on Correlation between Web Search Data and CPI
Chapter 37. Improve the User Experience with Quick-Browser on Netbook
Chapter 38. A Study on Sharing Grid of Instructional Resources Management System
Chapter 39. Learning with Serious Games: The SELEAG Approach
Chapter 40. A Framework for e-Content Generation, Management and Integration in MYREN Network
Chapter 41. A Case of Study of Investigating Users’ Acceptance toward Mobile Learning
Chapter 42. A Layered Service-Oriented Architecture for Exercise Prescriptions Generation and Follow-Up
Chapter 43. Web GIS-Based Regional Social Networking Service as Participatory GIS
Chapter 44. Network and Data Management Techniques for Converged IP Networks
Chapter 45. Developing WikiBOK: A Wiki-Based BOK Formulation-Aid System
Chapter 46. Secure Spaces and Spatio-temporal Weblog Sensors with Temporal Shift and Propagation
Chapter 47. Neighbor Information Table-Based Handoff Research for Mobile IPv6
Chapter 48. Channel Assignment in Wireless Networks Using Simple Genetic Algorithms
Chapter 49. Application Study of Brand Niche Theory in B2C Brands Overlap and Breadth Measurement
Chapter 50. Influenza Epidemics Detection Based on Google Search Queries
Chapter 51. A Message Prioritization Scheme for Virtual Collaboration
Chapter 52. An Online Virtual Classroom Using SIP
Chapter 53. The Designing of the EPON System
Chapter 54. A Case Study of a Successful mHealth Application: Cell-Life’s EMIT System
Chapter 55. Combine DPC and TDM for MIMO Broadcast Channels in Circuit Data Scenarios
Chapter 56. Estimating Average Round-Trip Time from Bidirectional Flow Records in NetFlow
Chapter 57. PAR: Prioritized DTN Routing Protocol Based on Age Rumors
Chapter 58. The Applications of GIS in Modern Community Management and Service
Chapter 59. Comp. Psy. 101: The Psychology behind High Performance Computing
Chapter 60. Quality Assessment for MPEG-2 Video Streams
Chapter 61. Portuguese Education Going Mobile with M-Learning
Chapter 62. Measurement and Improvement of the Delay of SCTP Multihoming Path Switch
Chapter 63. A Holistic Game Inspired Defense Architecture
Chapter 64. Performance of VoIP on IPv4 and IPv6to4 Tunnel Using Windows Vista and Windows 7
Chapter 65. A PageRank-Based Heuristic Algorithm for Influence Maximization in the Social Network
Chapter 66. Examining Learning Attitude toward ICT in Digital Photography
Chapter 67. Study on the Information Technology-Based Lean Construction Supply Chain Management Model
Chapter 68. Design and Implementation of Value-Added Services Based on Parlay/OSA API
Chapter 69. A Design of Integrated Management System for Building Constructions Based on USNs
Chapter 70. Design of Public Practical Training Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing for Students Majoring in Software

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