RedHat Enterprise Linux 9 for Beginners: A comprehensive guide for learning, administration, and deployment Front Cover

RedHat Enterprise Linux 9 for Beginners: A comprehensive guide for learning, administration, and deployment

  • Length: 556 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2024-04-27
  • ISBN-10: 9355516622
  • ISBN-13: 9789355516626

Be a proficient Linux system administrator

Key Features

  • Discusses new features embedded in the newer version of RHEL.
  • Provides you with a manual on various commands that a regular and admin user may use to perform his daily tasks.
  • Provides comprehensive material to administer, manage, and secure the server.


Today, Linux is used everywhere, which means the demand for Linux administrators is high. This book is organized to help readers develop the essential skills to become competent Linux administrators.

This book provides extensive materials that will deliver beginners vast knowledge in the Linux domain. It begins with the fundamentals of Linux systems and moves ahead to discussing advanced topics. To help the readers gain competitive knowledge, RHEL9 is used throughout this book. This book helps the readers learn useful Linux commands to efficiently manage Linux servers. It also delivers extensive knowledge of shell scripting required to automate most of the regular admin-related tasks. Security of the data and the server as a whole is another important aspect that this book describes. Besides, this book also explains advanced topics such as cloud, web servers, performance tuning, etc., in a practical way that will truly be very helpful for beginners to start their professional career in this domain.

Reading this book will serve as an indispensable step towards understanding the Linux core concepts. The materials delivered in this book will aid in making you proficient in handling, managing, and administering one or more RHEL servers.

What you will learn

  • Successfully install and manage Linux on any machine.
  • Understand Linux/Unix file organization and implement file security with the principle of least privilege.
  • Master command line usage and practical applications of Linux commands.
  • Gain expertise in disk management and partitioning on Linux systems.
  • Learn networking fundamentals and implement secure networks among multiple machines.

Who this book is for

This book is designed for system engineers, network engineers, junior Linux administrators, and Windows administrators who want to gain knowledge in managing RHEL on a daily basis. It also caters to the needs of Red Hat professionals who want to refresh their knowledge and get comfortable using RHEL 9.

Table of Contents

1. The First Step to Linux

2. Linux Filesystem and Administration

3. Knowing Linux Commands

4. Managing Processes and Services in RedHat Linux

5. Handling and Managing Files

6. Managing Users and File Permissions

7. Interacting with Bash Shell and Scripting

8. Security and Networking in Linux

9. Partitioning in Linux

10. Containers

11. Cloud Computing

12. Graphical User Interface

13. Software Updates and Patch Management

14. Package Installation

15. Performance Monitoring and Tuning

16. Backup and Troubleshooting in Linux

17. Web Server and Database Server Setup in Linux

18. Miscellaneous

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