Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach, 9th Edition Front Cover

Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach, 9th Edition


Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach takes students through the research process, from getting and developing a research idea, to designing and conducting a study, through analyzing and reporting data. Information on the research process is presented in a lively and engaging way, highlighting the numerous decisions that must be made when designing and conducting research and emphasizing the importance of ethical conduct, both in the treatment of research subjects and in the conduct of research and reporting research results.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Explaining Behavior
Chapter 2: Developing and Evaluating Theories of Behavior
Chapter 3: Getting Ideas for Research
Chapter 4: Choosing a Research Design
Chapter 5: Making Systematic Observations
Chapter 6: Choosing and Using Research Subjects
Chapter 7: Understanding Ethical Issues in the Research Process
Chapter 8: Using Nonexperimental Research
Chapter 9: Using Survey Research
Chapter 10: Using Between-Subjects and Within-Subjects Experimental Designs
Chapter 11: Using Specialized Research Designs
Chapter 12: Using Single-Subject Designs
Chapter 13: Describing Data
Chapter 14: Using Inferential Statistics
Chapter 15: Using Multivariate Design and Analysis
Chapter 16: Reporting Your Research Results

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