Resume & LinkedIn Strategies for New College Graduates Front Cover

Resume & LinkedIn Strategies for New College Graduates


Resume & LinkedIn Strategies for New College Graduates is a clear and concrete guide to What Works to Launch a Gen-Z Career. A new volume in the best-selling Modernize Your Career series, it lays out in crisp, clear language exactly what college students need to do to land their first professional job: from developing a super resume and LinkedIn profile to conducting a networking-based job search and acing their interviews. Starting with a guide to writing a powerful and effective resume, the book goes on to explain and illustrate the many different career communications today’s jobseekers need: LinkedIn profiles, enote cover letters, networking communications, and thank-you notes. A full chapter discusses the best job-search methods, guiding readers to go beyond the easy (but often ineffective) method of zapping resumes in response to job postings. Rather, the authors guide emerging professionals in the art and science of networking―a skill that will be invaluable throughout their careers. They remove the mystery and provide clear guidelines, timelines, lead follow-up strategies, and other techniques to transform networking into an enjoyable and highly effective process. Resume & LinkedIn Strategies for New College Graduates is sharply focused and to the point. It tells college students and new grads everything they need to know and do to conduct a job search that is focused, efficient, and highly effective.

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