Salesforce B2C Solution Architect’s Handbook, 2nd Edition: Leverage Salesforce to create scalable and cohesive business-to-consumer experiences, 2nd Edition Front Cover

Salesforce B2C Solution Architect’s Handbook, 2nd Edition: Leverage Salesforce to create scalable and cohesive business-to-consumer experiences, 2nd Edition

  • Length: 121 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2024-06-11
  • ISBN-10: 1804619906
  • ISBN-13: 9781804619902

Design solutions across the Salesforce Customer 360 ecosystem with this definitive guide for Salesforce B2C solution architects, covering B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, and Marketing Cloud

Key Features:

  • Create a frictionless customer experience and a unified view of all touchpoints
  • Avoid expensive rework by getting your architecture right the first time
  • Use real-world scenarios and best practices to prepare for the B2C Solution Architect certification exam

Book Description:

As businesses strive to harness the power of data, the demand for Salesforce professionals who can create a single view of the customer across the Salesforce Customer 360 platform is surging, and this book equips you to meet that demand. Written by a certified Salesforce instructor and an expert with extensive experience in complex Salesforce implementations and cross-cloud architecture, this updated edition of Salesforce B2C Solution Architect’s Handbook helps you gain a deeper understanding of the integration options and products that deliver value for organizations.

You’ll develop a solid understanding of each component in the Customer 360 ecosystem, its data models, and governance. A new chapter on Data Cloud provides fresh insights into the latest Salesforce technology for evolving and maintaining your ecosystem. As you progress, you’ll explore planning critical requirements and implementation sequences to avoid costly reworks and delays. You’ll also learn best practices for data modeling across Salesforce products and beyond. Building upon the core knowledge, you’ll get to grips with the tools, techniques, and certification scenarios to prepare for the latest version of the B2C Solution Architect exam.

By the end of this book, you’ll have the skills to design scalable, secure, and future-proof solutions supporting critical business demands.

What You Will Learn:

  • Explore key Customer 360 products and their integration options
  • Choose the best integration architecture to unify data and experiences
  • Plan for requirements, design choices, and implementation sequences
  • Architect a single view of the customer to support service, marketing, and commerce
  • Integrate Customer 360 solutions into a single-source-of-truth solution
  • Orchestrate data and user flows to support functionality from multiple components
  • Understand the capabilities and design considerations for Data Cloud
  • Prepare for the B2C Solution Architect exam

Who this book is for:

This book is for professionals in high-level job roles that heavily rely on Salesforce proficiency. It’s primarily written for Salesforce technical architects, application/functional architects, integration architects, enterprise architects, and CTO teams looking to benefit from a deeper understanding of this platform. Before you get started, you should understand the fundamentals of data integration, APIs, and connected systems in general, along with knowledge of the basics of business-to-consumer (B2C) customer experiences.

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