SAP Process Control: The Comprehensive Guide Front Cover

SAP Process Control: The Comprehensive Guide

  • Length: 475 pages
  • Edition: N
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2024-04-24
  • ISBN-10: 1493225103
  • ISBN-13: 9781493225101

Easier audits, protection again fraud, streamlined process controls―this is why you need SAP Process Control in your organization. With this comprehensive guide, see how to implement and configure the solution, from maintaining connectors to defining master data. Follow step-by-step instructions to use control evaluation procedures, report on and remediate ad hoc issues, and automate controls with continuous controls monitoring (CCM). With information on using standard reports, enabling SAP Fiori apps, and adding SAP Financial Compliance Management to your landscape, this SAP Process Control guide has everything you need!

  • Implement SAP Process Control to manage compliance in your organization
  • Automate your processes with continuous controls monitoring
  • Evaluate internal controls, manage the policy lifecycle, remediate issues, and more

Understand the hardware and software requirements to implement SAP Process Control and then dive into configuration activities. Perform workflow customizing, set up shared master data, create regulation hierarchies, map attributes, assign users, and more.

Control Evaluation and Monitoring
Evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of your manual controls using survey libraries, performance plans, and test plans. Report issues identified on an ad hoc basis and then remediate them.

Continuous Controls Monitoring
Set up and test automated controls using data source types and business rules. Get step-by-step instructions for creating monitoring jobs, performing transports, and reporting through the Job Monitor.

  • Internal controls
  • Governance
  • Configuration
  • Master data
  • Control evaluation
  • Ad hoc issues
  • Continuous controls monitoring (CCM)
  • Policy lifecycle
  • Reporting
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP Financial Compliance Management
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