Scala Programming: A comprehensive beginner’s guide to Scala , 2nd Edition Front Cover

Scala Programming: A comprehensive beginner’s guide to Scala , 2nd Edition

  • Length: 380 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Publication Date: 2021-05-09
  • ISBN-10: B094J175Q9

Scala programming is a general-purpose computer language that supports both object-oriented and functional styles of programming on a larger scale. Scala is a strong static type of programming language and is influenced by the Java programming language. One of the best similarities of Scala and Java is that you can code Scala just the same way that you code Java. It is also possible to use a lot of Java libraries within Scala along with many of its third-party libraries.

Scala has become one of the most in-demand technology among developers and is working its way through today’s technology. Learn about Apache Spark from Cloudera Spark Training and excel in your career as a Scala Specialist. Here are some of the topics which would give you a brief explanation of Scala.

Why Scala?

The biggest strength of Scala is its flexibility in defining abstractions. One of the important components of the Scala language is Scala IDE (Scala Integrated Development Environment) and it is used to connect to the Eclipse Java tool. This way the Eclipse features can explore with the Scala IDE. Scala is designed in such a way that it can inter-operate well with JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and the .NET Framework.

The code written in Scala is easier to test and reuse; the parallelization becomes simpler, and there are lesser bugs in the whole program. Scala programming follows a top-down approach; each of the programs is broken down into multiple chunks and each can be processed in parallel thus speeding up the process and also improving the efficiency.

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