SEO for Restaurants & Cafes: Search Engine Optimization for Restaurant and Cafe Websites Front Cover

SEO for Restaurants & Cafes: Search Engine Optimization for Restaurant and Cafe Websites


Have you created a restaurant or cafe website that looks impressive, but you still lack customers?

Restaurant websites can’t just be visually impressive – they need to be visible!

The second in my new ‘SEO For…’ book series, SEO for Restaurants and Cafes covers everything a website in this industry needs to rank high in Google.

Restaurants and Cafes need search engines to know exactly what they serve, where they are, and if they deliver or provide takeaway. With the intense competition in the food market, SEO is a proven method of being found and growing a business.

This book is either for web developers wanting to expand their skills (or even niche in restaurant and cafe website SEO) or tech-savvy restaurant and cafe owners who want to upgrade their own website SEO. We’re not just going to talk about general SEO – I’ll show you exactly what your industry requires. I’ve seen the SEO industry change over the last 10 years and know the best methods for right now.
In this book we’ll cover:

  • Five Critical Development Checks to ensure your website is ready for SEO
  • How to track traffic and start your initial keyword research
  • Important on-site SEO settings and website areas/pages
  • On-page SEO, URL structuring, and live site checks
  • How to find out if ongoing SEO is needed, and how to keep it performing
  • And much more!

You’ll also get a free spreadsheet of restaurant and cafe keywords, valued at $500+ PER TAB. I’ve already done the research for you, so you can implement it on your own website immediately.
You can also request free videos on any part of the book you are stuck with. These will go on YouTube and be referenced in the book to help everyone.
Let’s start working on your high-ranking website today!

Georgie is extremely knowledgeable about SEO and taught me SEO so well that I am now working in the field. I would recommend Georgie to any small to medium business looking to obtain revenue from their website. – Karen Thorogood

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