Smart Computing and Informatics: Proceedings of the First International Conference on SCI 2016, Volume 1 Front Cover

Smart Computing and Informatics: Proceedings of the First International Conference on SCI 2016, Volume 1

  • Length: 755 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2018-01-21
  • ISBN-10: 9811055432
  • ISBN-13: 9789811055430

This volume contains 74 papers presented at SCI 2016: First International Conference on Smart Computing and Informatics. The conference was held during 3-4 March 2017, Visakhapatnam, India and organized communally by ANITS, Visakhapatnam and supported technically by CSI Division V – Education and Research and PRF, Vizag. This volume contains papers mainly focused on applications of advanced intelligent techniques to video processing, medical imaging, machine learning, sensor technologies, and network security.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Analysis Of Existing Text Hiding Algorithms For Image Steganography Using Tlnus And Aes
Chapter 2 Automated System For Detection Of White Blood Cells In Human Blood Sample
Chapter 3 A Multiobjective Ideal Design Of Rolling Element Bearing Using Metaheuristics
Chapter 4 Predicting Binding Affinity Based On Docking Measures For Spinocerebellar Ataxia: A Study
Chapter 5 A Novel Image Hiding Technique Based On Stratified Steganography
Chapter 6 Efficient System For Color Logo Recognition Based On Self-Organizing Map And Relevance Feedback Technique
Chapter 7 Congestion-Aware Opportunistic Routing Protocol In Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 8 A Multi-Level Secured Approach Using Lbp And Spiral Scan Path
Chapter 9 A Diametrical Association To Skipcloud For Consistent Matching Services In Publishing/Subscribing Framework
Chapter 10 Multiple Images Defending Process By Leaning Techniques
Chapter 11 Implementing Decision Tree In Air Pollution Reduction Framework
Chapter 12 Identification Of Subgroups In A Directed Social Network Using Edge Betweenness And Random Walks
Chapter 13 Handover Techniques In New Generation Wireless Networks
Chapter 14 Defected Ground Structure Switchable Notch Band Antenna For Uwb Applications
Chapter 15 Iot-Based Multimodal Biometric Identification For Automation Railway Engine Pilot Security System
Chapter 16 Architectural Outline Of Gis-Based Decision Support System For Crop Selection
Chapter 17 Promethee-Based Analysis Of Hcwm Challenges In Healthcare Sector Of Odisha
Chapter 18 Performance Analysis Of Nsl_Kdd Data Set Using Neural Networks With Logistic Sigmoid Activation Unit
Chapter 19 Distributed Task Scheduling In Cloud Platform: A Survey
Chapter 20 Fuzzy Current Control Of Grid Interactive Voltage Source Converter With Solar Energy
Chapter 21 Improving The Map And Shuffle Phases In Hadoop Mapreduce
Chapter 22 Improved Decision Making Through Ifss
Chapter 23 Design And Analysis Of Compact Circular Half-Ring Monopole Antenna With Dgs
Chapter 24 Developing Higher Education Ontology Using Protégé Tool: Reasoning
Chapter 25 A New Approach To Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Soft Sets And Their Application In Decision Making
Chapter 26 Design Of Rivalize And Software Development To Convert Rdb To Rdf
Chapter 27 An Iot-Based Low-Cost Weather Monitoring And Alert System Using Node Mcu
Chapter 28 Energy Efficient Secure Data Transmission In Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 29 Significant Rule Power Factor: An Algorithm For New Interest Measure
Chapter 30 Covering-Based Pessimistic Multigranular Approximate Rough Equivalences And Approximate Reasoning
Chapter 31 Real-Life Facial Expression Recognition Systems: A Review
Chapter 32 Graphical Structure Of Bayesian Networks By Eliciting Mental Models Of Experts
Chapter 33 Signal Monitoring In A Telemedicine System For Emergency Medical Services
Chapter 34 Evolving The Efficiency Of Searching Technique Using Map-Reduce Hashing Technique
Chapter 35 Automatic Recognition Of Bird Species Using Human Factor Cepstral Coefficients
Chapter 36 A Novel Meta Crawling Algorithm For Terrorist Network Knowledge Aggregation From The Internet
Chapter 37 Password Security Using Bcrypt With Aes Encryption Algorithm
Chapter 38 A Novel Cost Minimization Approach For Data Transaction In The Context Of Iot
Chapter 39 Comparison Between Genetic Algorithm And Pso For Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 40 Secure Text Dissemination In Delay Tolerant Networks
Chapter 41 Automated Diagnosis Of Tachycardia Beats
Chapter 42 State-Of-The-Art Object-Oriented Metrics And Its Reusability: A Decade Review
Chapter 43 Performance Analysis And Comparison Of Various Channel Decoding Techniques
Chapter 44 A Non-Unit Protection Scheme For Series-Compensated Transmission System Using Fuzzy Inference System
Chapter 45 Intelligent System For Team Selection And Decision Making In The Game Of Cricket
Chapter 46 A Study Of Clustering Techniques For Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 47 Intensifying The Security Of Information By The Fusion Of Random Substitution Technique And Enhanced Des
Chapter 48 Voter Authentication Using Modified Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Chapter 49 Sensor-Based Dam Gate Control System And Alert Using Zigbee
Chapter 50 Prolonged Network Lifetime To Reduce Energy Consumption Using Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 51 Energy-Efficient Hybrid Protocol For Routing Based On Mobile Data Collectors In Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 52 Enrichment Of Uml By Introjection Of Functional Model
Chapter 53 Fault Detection And Classification On Distribution Line With Penetration Of Dfig-Driven Wind Farm Using Fuzzy System
Chapter 54 Text Summarization With Automatic Keyword Extraction In Telugu E-Newspapers
Chapter 55 Analysis And Implementation Of Reliable Spectrum Sensing In Ofdm Based Cognitive Radio
Chapter 56 List Colouring Of Graphs Using A Genetic Algorithm
Chapter 57 Waveform Generation And Reception Of Ieee 802.11P Standard For Cr-Vanet Application
Chapter 58 Mutual Correlation-Based Optimal Slicing For Preserving Privacy In Data Publishing
Chapter 59 Scale Space-Based Capillary Detection To Determine Capillary Density And Avascular In Nailfold Capillary Images Using Usb Digital Microscope
Chapter 60 Augmenting Non-Verbal Communication Using A Tangible User Interface
Chapter 61 An Approach To En Route Environmentally Sustainable Future Through Green Computing
Chapter 62 Energy Aware Task Scheduling Algorithms In Cloud Environment: A Survey
Chapter 63 Design Of Jitter Spectral Shaping As Robust With Various Oversampling Techniques In Ofdm
Chapter 64 Architecture For The Strategy-Planning Techniques Using Big Data Analytics
Chapter 65 Indian Classical Dance Mudra Classification Using Hog Features And Svm Classifier
Chapter 66 Feature Extraction Model For Social Images
Chapter 67 Study Of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques For Effective Investment Portfolio Data Management
Chapter 68 Automatic Text Recognition Using Difference Ratio
Chapter 69 Sign Language Conversion Tool (Slctool) Between 30 World Sign Languages
Chapter 70 Hybrid Itlbo-De Optimized Fuzzy Pi Controller For Multi-Area Automatic Generation Control With Generation Rate Constraint
Chapter 71 Data Analysis Of Weather Data Using Hadoop Technology
Chapter 72 Comparative Analysis Of Coherent Routing Using Machine Learning Approach In Manet
Chapter 73 Constrained Level Validation Of Serial Peripheral Interface Protocol

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