Snowflake: Breaking Through Mental Health Stereotypes and Stigma Front Cover

Snowflake: Breaking Through Mental Health Stereotypes and Stigma

  • Length: 240 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2023-01-10
  • ISBN-10: 1801292175
  • ISBN-13: 9781801292177

Ever been called a ‘snowflake’ for sharing your emotions?
Or told to ‘man up’ when you’re struggling?
Labelled a ‘skiver’ for taking a mental health day?

Misconceptions and negativity surrounding mental health are still alive and well (and breeding).

In this stigma-busting book Lucy Nichol exposes 10 of the most harmful mental health stereotypes. She examines where they come from and how they are perpetuated, exploring the impact of social media, the power of the press and how mental health is represented in popular culture.

With the help of experts and the voices of those affected by these harmful perspectives, Lucy proposes how we can dismantle stigma once and for all.

Snowflake is a call to reclaim this ‘over-sensitive’ slur as someone who is brave and authentic. To stand up to the harmful rhetoric and to show strength in vulnerability and honesty.

Foreword by Sue Baker OBE, International Mental Health Consultant, Changing Minds Globally.

The 10 Stereotypes:
1 Attention Seeker (OR … being honest and open)
2 Snowflake (OR … building resilience)
3 Miserable (OR … dealing with depression)
4 Workshy (OR … managing mental health)
5 Psycho (OR … experiencing psychosis)
6 Neurotic (OR … OCD and debilitating anxiety)
7 Wino (OR … the illness of addiction)
8 Vain (OR … living with an eating disorder)
9 Flawed (OR … diagnosed with a personality disorder)
10 Bad (OR … locked up due to mental health problems)

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