Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook Front Cover

Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook


Over 70 practical recipes to gain operational data intelligence with Splunk Enterprise

About This Book

  • Learn how to use Splunk to effectively gather, analyze, and report on the operational data across your environment
  • Expedite your operational intelligence reporting, be empowered to present data in a meaningful way, and shorten the Splunk learning curve
  • Easy-to-use recipes to help you create robust searches, reports, and charts using Splunk

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for users of all levels who are looking to leverage the Splunk Enterprise platform as a valuable operational intelligence tool. The recipes provided in this book will appeal to individuals from all facets of a business – IT, Security, Product, Marketing, and many more!

In Detail

This book contains over 70 practical, task-oriented recipes to build up your knowledge of Splunk’s many features which you can apply to real-world operational intelligence scenarios.

Right from the first chapter, you will follow recipes that progressively build upon one another. The recipes provided will demonstrate methods to expedite delivery of intelligence reports and empower you to present data in a meaningful way through dashboards and by applying visualizations available in Splunk Enterprise. You will also delve deeply into your data with transactions, subsearching, concurrency, and more advanced search commands.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Play Time – Getting Data In
Chapter 2: Diving into Data – Search and Report
Chapter 3: Dashboards and Visualizations – Make Data Shine
Chapter 4: Building an Operational Intelligence Application
Chapter 5: Extending Intelligence – Data Models and Pivoting
Chapter 6: Diving Deeper – Advanced Searching
Chapter 7: Enriching Data – Lookups and Workflows
Chapter 8: Being Proactive – Creating Alerts
Chapter 9: Speed Up Intelligence – Data Summarization
Chapter 10: Above and Beyond – Customization, Web Framework, REST API, and SDKs

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