Star Ship Explorer: A game made using Scratch 3 Front Cover

Star Ship Explorer: A game made using Scratch 3


Scratch programming is real programming. While it may have been designed with children in mind, it teaches all the concepts that programmers need to learn, loops, if tests, code encapsulation, variables and more. This book is a project using all of the above, and will take you from a beginner level in Scratch where you can produce simple games with one or two sprites, to a fully working game illustrating many Scratch programming and real world programming concepts. All the instructions in this book use the new Scratch 3 version that is available online. None of the confusion that comes from using a book written for the older versions. All you need is a computer with a browser – no extra software required. Using Scratch is free. The author is a software programmer who has been writing code for 20+ years. She has used many different programming languages over the years, and learned Scratch to help out her local library’s code club. This book is a result of writing tutorials for that code club which the kids enjoyed. And at the end of the book, you have a cool game to play.

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