Stock Market Trading: QuickStudy Laminated Reference Guide Front Cover

Stock Market Trading: QuickStudy Laminated Reference Guide


Essential tools to grow money in the stock market whether you are someone who can take risks, or if security is your goal to protect your money while building it over time. The essential details of the different markets, tools and strategies are packed into this six-page laminated guide. Guru and author Lita Epstein who recently published her 50th book on finance and investment gives you the need-to-know facts so concisely that you will learn more facts faster than you would from any book or website. This is the solid foundation of knowledge you need to start making decisions and plans that turn into action. Whether you are not sure you should take the step into the market, your employer has a retirement stock market investment option, or if you choose to hire a broker – the terminology and the breakdown of risk versus security and reward is here and easy to read so you can choose your market and style of trading. This kind of knowledge and advice is not a huge investment at this price, but the facts will pay off for years to come.
6 page laminated guide includes

Ups & Downs of Trading
Trading vs. Investing
Successful Trader Characteristics
Trading Long or Short
Trading Strategy
Types of Markets & Exchanges
Stock Markets
Futures Markets
Options Markets
Bond Markets
Order Types
Market Order
Limit Order
Stop Order
Stop-Limit Order
Good β€˜till Cancelled (GTC) Order
Brokerage Options
Why You Need a broker?
Types of Brokers & Brokerage
Services to Consider
Types of Brokerage Accounts
Choosing Your Broker
Executing Trades
Entering & Exiting Trades
Regulatory Pitfalls
Tax Impacts
Exploring Stock Trading Styles
Momentum Trading
Swing Trading
Day Trading
Derivatives Trading
Forex Trading
What is Forex & Who Trades Forex
What to Trade & How to Trade
Minimizing Trading Risks using ETFs
What is an ETF?
Sector Rotating Strategies
Developing Your Trading System
Types of Systems
Selecting Tools to Develop Your System
Developing & Testing Your System
Importance of a Trading Journal

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