Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard of Front Cover

Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard of

  • Length: 192 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2015-12-03
  • ISBN-10: 1783522569
  • ISBN-13: 9781783522569
  • Sales Rank: #407858 (See Top 100 Books)

Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of is a full-colour illustrated compendium of the most painfully bad games, based on Ashens’ YouTube series of the same name. Everyone’s heard of E.T. for the Atari 2600 and Superman for the Nintendo 64, but these are almost nothing next to the abject incompetence of Count Duckula 2 on the Amstrad CPC. There are people who seriously believe that Shaq Fu is the worst fighting game ever made, having never experienced Dangerous Streets on the Amiga. This book will blow their very soul apart. (Not a guarantee.) Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of is meticulously researched and written, with the dry humour you’d expect from a man who has somehow made a living by sticking rubbish on a sofa and talking about it. Each entry is accompanied by a series of full-colour images from the games.

Table of Contents

1. Superfriends List
2. Introduction
3. Alien Raiders
4. Alien Sidestep
5. Battle Probe
6. Interview: Alan Boiston
7. Bionic Granny
8. Car Race
9. Count Duckula 2
10. Interview: Jeff Minter
11. Crazy Kong
12. Dangerous Streets
13. Graffiti Man
14. Interview: Mentski
15. Button Press 3000
16. Highlander
17. Hunter
18. Interview: Paul Rose AKA Mr Biffo
19. Killer Caverns
20. Killjoy
21. Licence to Kill
22. The State of the Industry
23. Los Angeles SWAT
24. Show-Jump
25. Surprise Surprise
26. Interview: Steve Benway
27. SQIJ
28. Trench
29. Interview: Violet Berlin
31. Acknowledgements
32. Index
33. Supporters

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