Textbook of Orthopedics with Clinical Examination Methods in Orthopedics, 4th Edition Front Cover

Textbook of Orthopedics with Clinical Examination Methods in Orthopedics, 4th Edition


SECTION 1: TRAUMATOLOGY, 1. TraumaA Modern International Epidemic, 2. Know Your Skeletal System, 3. General Principles of Fractures and Dislocations, 4. Complications of Fractures, 5. Emergency Care of the Injured, 6. Fracture Treatment Methods: Then, Now and Future, 7. Recent Advances in Fracture Treatment, 8. Fracture Healing Methods 9. Soft Tissue Injuries, 10. Fractures in Special Situations, SECTION 2: REGIONAL TRAUMATOLOGY, 11. Injuries Around the Shoulder, 12. Injuries of the Arm, 13. Injuries Around the Elbow, 14. Injuries of the Forearm, 15. Injuries to the Wrist, 16. Hand Injuries, 17. Dislocations and Fracture Dislocations of the Hip Joint, 18. Fracture Femur, 19. Injuries of the Knee, 20. Fracture of Tibia and Fibula, 21. Injuries of the Ankle, 22. Injuries of the Foot, 23. Pelvic Injuries, Rib and Coccyx Injuries, 24. Injuries of the Spine, 25. Peripheral Nerve Injuries, SECTION 3: NONTRAUMATIC ORTHOPEDIC DISORDERS, 26. Approach to Orthopedic Disorders, 27. Deformities and their Management, 28. Treatment of Orthopedic Disorders, 29. Regional Conditions of the Neck, 30. Regional Conditions of the Upper Limb, 31. Regional Conditions of the Spine, 32. Regional Conditions of the Lower Limb, 33. Disorders of the Hand, SECTION 4: COMMON BACK PROBLEMS, 34. Low Backache and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), SECTION 5: GENERAL ORTHOPEDICS, 35. Congenital Disorders, 36. Developmental Disorders, 37. Metabolic Disorders, 38. Osteomyelitis, 39. Skeletal Tuberculosis, 40. Disorders of Joints (Arthritis), 41. Rheumatic Diseases, 42. Neuromuscular Disorders, 43. Bone Neoplasias, SECTION 6: GERIATRIC ORTHOPEDICS, 44. Distal Forearm Fractures, 45. Fracture Neck of Femur, 46. Osteoporosis, 47. Osteoarthritis, 48. Cervical Disk Syndromes, 49. Lumbar Disk Disease and Canal Stenosis, SECTION 7: COMMON SURGICAL TECHNIQUES, 50. Common Surgeries of the Humerus, 51. Common Forearm Surgeries, 52. Common Hip Surgeries, 53. Common Surgery of the Femur, 54. Common Surgery of the Patella, 55. Common Surgery of the Tibia, 56. Turcos One Stage Posteromedial Release for CTEV, 57. Common Surgery of the Spine, 58. Common Finger and Toe Surgery (Percutaneous Fixations), 59. External Fixation, SECTION 8: MISCELLANEOUS, 60. Amputations, 61. Prosthetics and Orthotics, 62. Sports Injuries, 63. Arthroscopy, 64. Standard Arthroscopy Portals, 65. 9-Point Diagnostic Knee Arthroscopy, 66. Arthroplasty, 67. Evidence Based Orthopedics.

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