The Cooking of Italy Front Cover

The Cooking of Italy


“Introduces the different culinary regions of Italy and presents many kids of recipes for traditional Italian dishes”.

Locricchio begins with an introduction to the geography of Italy. Each region of Italy has produced several recipes that are unique to that region. He then provides information about safety in the kitchen and basic definitions of cooking terms that are used throughout the text. Several chapters catalogue Italian cuisine containing recipes that will appear familiar to children, but are also easy enough for children to make themselves with adult supervision. Special instructions concerning how to cook pasta and how to prepare pizza dough that are included in the chapter “Pasta, Pizza, and Polenta” will be beneficial to cooks of any age. Each recipe includes a brief introduction to the dish as well as the Italian name for the dish. Illustrations appear throughout, showing the finished product or certain steps that may be difficult to follow without illustrations. A section concerning kitchen equipment and utensils and essential ingredients in Italian cooking follow the last chapter. Also included are an index and a metric conversion chart.

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