The Floating World : Issues in International Trade Theory Front Cover

The Floating World : Issues in International Trade Theory


In The Floating World, Emeritus Professor of Economics Wilfred Ethier collates 22 papers that delve deep into the study on International Trade Theory. These papers are grouped into six distinct sections. Each covers an overarching research program in trade theory — Factor-Endowments Theory, Economies of Scale, International Factor Markets, Regional Integration, the Political Economy of Trade Policy, and Administered Protection. An additional section for important papers outside of those programs is also included. With papers originally written in the 1970s all the way up to recent times, Ethier provides contemporary commentary for each section, referring to further sources, candid accounts on the state of international trade theory at the time and how each paper contributed to further improvements of their respective research program.

Readership: Undergraduate and postgraduate students in International Trade Theory and Economics, and interested members of the general public.

Table of Contents

Part I: Factor-Endowments Theory
Chapter 1 Some of the Theorems of International Trade with Many Goods and Factors
Chapter 2 The General Role of Factor Intensity in the Theorems of International Trade

Part II: Economies of Scale
Chapter 3 Decreasing Costs in International Trade and Frank Graham’s Argument for Protection Econometrica
Chapter 4 Internationally Decreasing Costs and World Trade
Chapter 5 National and International Returns to Scale in the Modern Theory of International Trade

Part III: International Factor Markets
Chapter 6 International Trade and Labor Migration American Economic Review
Chapter 7 Illegal Immigration: The Host Country Problem American Economic Review
Chapter 8 The Multinational Firm Quarterly Journal of Economics

Part IV: Regional Integration
Chapter 9 A New Look at Economic Integration Monopolistic Competition and International Trade
Chapter 10 Regionalism in a Multilateral World Journal of Political Economy
Chapter 11 The New Regionalism Economic Journal

Part V: The Political Economy of Trade Policy
Chapter 12 Unilateralism in a Multilateral World The Economic Journal
Chapter 13 Political Externalities, Nondiscrimination, and a Multilateral World Review of International Economics
Chapter 14 Punishments and Dispute Settlement in Trade Agreements: The Equivalent Withdrawal of Concessions Keio Economics Studies
Chapter 15 Selling “Protection for Sale” Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics
Chapter 16 The Political Economy of Protection Palgrave Handbook of International Trade
Chapter 17 The Political-Support Approach to Protection Global Economic Journal

Part VI: Administered Protection
Chapter 18 The Economics and Political Economy of Managed Trade Markets and Politicians
Chapter 19 Dumping Journal of Political Economy

Part VII: Some Topics in Trade Theory
Chapter 20 The Greater the Differences, the Greater the Gains? Trade and Development Review
Chapter 21 Globalization, Globalisation: Trade, Technology and Wages International Review of Economics and Finance
Chapter 22 The Theory of Effective Protection in General Equilibrium: Effective-Rate Analogues of Nominal Rates Canadian Journal of Economics

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