The Language of Leadership: Nicer Bark, No Bite Front Cover

The Language of Leadership: Nicer Bark, No Bite

  • Length: 376 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2020-08-24
  • ISBN-10: 1948238292
  • ISBN-13: 9781948238298

Heralded as a digestible, applicable book that speaks across industries and personal backgrounds, and that “credibly sets the bar higher” for business leadership books.

If you’re like most leaders, you’re constantly seeking ways to improve yourself but you’re tired of being offered “leadership lessons” that are little more than pronouncements from leadership authorities — strangers who expect you to emulate them, trying to fill shoes that simply don’t suit you. Most leadership development books offer a one-size-fits-none formula that — after you’ve had time to try it on for size — can leave you bored, disengaged, or even feeling like a failure. Finally, there’s a leadership book that helps you discover your own style!

Problem-solving and leadership expert Daniel D. Matthews invites you into a process of self-discovery that is as fascinating and fun as it is practical and impactful. The Language of Leadership: Nicer Bark, No Bite is a choose-your-own-adventure book for reading, reflecting and application … and it can be read (and re-read) alone or with a leadership mentor — or even alongside peers who are reading it too.

31 Critical Lessons to Lead, Grow and Improve Your Team
You’ve heard the expression about dental and physical health — just try “an apple a day” to keep the doctor away. It’s a fabled strategy that applies the same kind of brilliance and diligence that underlies what Matthews presents in The Language of Leadership — where you are offered “a lesson a day” (for 31 days), with plenty of room to reflect and with supportive guidance on applying your new mindsets and actions to the situations you face every day at work. Suddenly, you’re equipped with tools you can apply for your career and business “health.”

The Language of Leadership is the kind of book that requires a pen and a highlighter (or their annotation equivalents for the Kindle eBook edition!), and that provides bite-sized lessons that stick. The result? Your improved ability to lead, grow and improve your team.

A Game-Changing Book for:

  • Mid-career professionals in large corporations or non-profits
  • Entrepreneurs and executives
  • Managers and directors in small- to mid-sized organizations
  • Professional and executive MBA students
  • Those recently promoted into leadership positions
  • Anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills and do it in their own way, on their own terms.

Step Up, Stand Out and Inspire Others
Being successful in business goes far beyond raw talent or deep functional expertise (i.e., training and experience in a field like finance, marketing, sales, technology or engineering). And it takes more than a desire to lead and a love for people and projects. Most people promoted to leadership positions know how to “do” their jobs, but they aren’t always great leaders from the start. Invariably, they’re struggling to truly step up, stand out or inspire others. They’re hungry for real-world stories and tips to help them develop their own philosophies about everything from establishing workplace trust, to making tough decisions, to sparking creativity on teams, to improvising in the face of the unexpected.

Daniel D. Matthews explains, “I wrote this book for readers (and leaders) who want to be engaged and drawn into a conversation, for those who appreciate the opportunity to extract their own insights from the stories of others, and for those who are apt to feel motivated and excited to apply their new thinking at the workplace right away. The lessons in The Language of Leadership are full of thought-provoking, to-the-point messages you can learn today and use tomorrow.”

With a foreword by renowned speaker and sales motivator, Todd Cohen, CSP, author of Everyone’s in Sales.

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