tvOS Apprentice: Beginning tvOS Development with Swift 2 Front Cover

tvOS Apprentice: Beginning tvOS Development with Swift 2

  • Length: 552 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2016-02-18
  • ISBN-10: 194287815X
  • ISBN-13: 9781942878155
  • Sales Rank: #5499038 (See Top 100 Books)

Learn How to Make tvOS Apps!

The tvOS Apprentice teaches you everything you need to know to develop great apps for the Apple TV. Learn how to make tvOS apps in two different ways: via the traditional method using UIKit, and via the new Client-Server method using TVML.

Who This Book Is For:

This book is for any developer interested in Apple TV app development. Regardless of your experience level, this book is for you! However, the book does assume at least a rudimentary knowledge of Swift.

Topics Covered in The tvOS Apprentice

  • Architecture: There are two different ways to make apps for the Apple TV – learn which is best for you.
  • TVML: Learn how to use TVML templates to implement beautiful interfaces for the Apple TV.
  • TVJS: Learn how to use Javascript to manipulate the TVML DOM.
  • Traditional Apps: Learn how to make make traditional app using native libraries.
  • Focus: Apple TV uses a whole new Focus paradigm to show the user what control is currently selected – learn how this works and what it means for your apps.
  • Animation: Get ready to add some delightful animation to your tvOS apps!
  • Networking: Learn how to download content, video, and other assets over the network.
  • User Input and the Controller: Learn how your app can interact with the new Apple TV remote.
  • Video Playback: One of the most common requirements for Apple TV apps will be to play video – learn how to do that here!
  • On Demand Resources: Learn how to use Apple’s easy to use storage system, so your app can download assets on the fly.
  • CloudKit: Learn how to use CloudKit on tvOS to store your app’s data.
  • In App Purchases: Monetize your app by allowing users to purchase digital goods.
  • Harnessing the Server: Explore a real-world example with industry standard server technologies.
  • Native UI in TVML Apps: Learn how to augment the TVML-to-UIKit engine to create custom resources, TVML tags, and styling properties.
  • tvOS Design: Learn how to design your apps to fit in well with the tvOS ecosystem.
  • Creating Layered Images: Shows how to create a new kind of image specifically for the TV.
  • The Top Shelf: The Top Shelf is a new design concept that allows your app to show off specific content – learn how to use this in your apps.
  • And Much More: Javascript Crash Course, Server Deployment, Collection Views, Stack Views, and more!

Table of Contents

Section I: Architecture
Chapter 1: Architecture

Section II: TVML Apps
Chapter 2: Hello, TVML
Chapter 3: Beginning TVML
Chapter 4: Intermediate TVML
Chapter 5: TVJS
Chapter 6: Exploiting Native Functionality from within TVML
Chapter 7: Harnessing the Server

Section III: Traditional Apps
Chapter 8: Hello, Traditional App
Chapter 9: Basic Controls
Chapter 10: StackViews
Chapter 11: Collection Views
Chapter 12: Navigation
Chapter 13: Focus
Chapter 14: Animation
Chapter 15: Networking

Section IV: Advanced Frameworks
Chapter 16: User Input and the Controller
Chapter 17: Beginning Video Playback
Chapter 18: Advanced Video Playback
Chapter 19: On-Demand Resources
Chapter 20: Beginning CloudKit
Chapter 21: Advanced CloudKit
Chapter 22: In-App Purchases
Chapter 23: Native UI in TVML Apps

Section V: Design
Chapter 24: tvOS Design
Chapter 25: Creating Layered Images
Chapter 26: The Top Shelf

Section VI: Bonus Chapters
Chapter 27: JavaScript Crash Course
Chapter 28: Server Deployment

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