Understanding Nutrition, 5th Edition Front Cover

Understanding Nutrition, 5th Edition

  • Length: 812 pages
  • Edition: 5
  • Publication Date: 2023
  • ISBN-10: 0170457974
  • ISBN-13: 9780170457972

Whitney’s Understanding Nutrition is a comprehensive and balanced undergraduate text for introductory nutrition courses.

Along with clear scientific principles, the reader-friendly text teaches students about how science affects healthy diet choices. The market-leading ANZ edition of Understanding Nutrition has a solid reputation for making it easier for students to understand nutrition science and application via metric units and regional issues, images and foods.

Instructor resources include instructor’s guide, PowerPoints and Test Bank. Premium online teaching and learning tools are available on the MindTap platform. Learn more about the online tools au.cengage.com/mindtap

What’s New

NEW end-of-chapter highlights include updates to Vitamin D supplementation, Covid-19
NEW content on ultra-processed food, nutrient profiling, diet and mental health, metabolic disorders caused by nutrient excess, the gut microbiome in obesity
NEW content on nutrition inequality


Each chapter opens with a set of questions called ‘Putting common sense to the test’ to assess the students’ intuitive beliefs about the content of the chapter. Answers appear in the margins when the topic is discussed in the chapter, and are explained fully at the end of the chapter so that learning is consolidated
Chapter feature boxes include ‘Current research in nutrition’, which provides details of up-to-date nutritional research; and ‘Applications of nutrition research’ which demonstrate the practical applications of nutritional science so that students understand the application of theory
‘How to …’ step-by-step guides take students through common tasks related to understanding nutrition, such as calculating energy intake, to equip them for their future careers
‘Review it’ allows students to check their understanding as they progress through the chapter; and ‘Extend your learning’ in the margins provides additional information on key topics
Australian Dietary Guidelines connect students with the science of health and nutrition they are learning in each chapter, and up-to-date New Zealand guidelines have been included, covering eating and activity as well as nutritional fortifications
At the end of the chapter, the Nutrition Portfolio prompts students to consider whether their personal choices are meeting the dietary goals introduced by the chapter

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