Untrapping Product Teams: Simplify the Complexity of Creating Digital Products Front Cover

Untrapping Product Teams: Simplify the Complexity of Creating Digital Products


Empower Product Teams to Rock the World by Uncovering and Overcoming Dangerous Traps

Untrapping Product Teams guides you to simplify what gets unintentionally complicated and equips you to overcome dangerous traps while steadily driving customer and business value. This isn’t just another book about product management. It’s a thought-provoking guide filled with simplicity, encouraging you to act today for a better tomorrow.

This book is for anyone facing the challenges of working on or with product teams. It lays out leading best practices, combined with “secret ingredients” crafted by the author based on years of experience. Learn what makes or breaks product teams so you are ready to do what it takes to thrive with digital products.

  • Learn the differences between coordinative and collaborative workflows
  • Recognize dangerous traps and the strategies to overcome them
  • Explore the product journey: simplify decision-making, apply mindful product discovery, use delivery to accelerate value, and measure results beyond outputs
  • Craft product principles and set solid foundations for product teams
  • Benefit from proven product health checks to uncover where to act today for a better tomorrow

“This is my new favorite book on product management. Untrapping Product Teams covers everything you need to know to lead a product team and be successful as a product manager. Author David Pereira does an excellent job of pointing out biases and thinking traps that doom products. The book is full of many insights and tools that will be useful for years to come.”
–Mike Cohn, co-founder of Agile Alliance

“David’s book shares several hard-earned lessons of what happens when product leaders, product managers, and especially product owners are not trained to succeed in their jobs, and they go on to make predictable and avoidable mistakes. This book can help you avoid some of these pitfalls.”
–Marty Cagan, partner, Silicon Valley Product Group

“This book touches on all the daily essentials for a product person. It’s a practical guide and a meta-analysis rolled into one, serving as the ‘Greatest Hits’ album of Product Management. Ideal for newcomers and an excellent refresher for those already immersed in the field.”
–Petra Wille, author of Strong Product People

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