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Web Programming with Dart

  • Length: 472 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2014-12-26
  • ISBN-10: 148420557X
  • ISBN-13: 9781484205570
  • Sales Rank: #5661898 (See Top 100 Books)

Web Programming with Dart is for programmers who want to master the new Dart programming language from Google, and also web developers who want to understand how Dart can integrate perfectly with HTML5 and CSS3.

With this book you will understand the ins and outs of the language, how the tools work, and how to get the most from the core functions and libraries. Web Programming with Dart is a practical, example-led book, with case studies involving developing UI animations for the web, working with web services such as JSON, server side Dart applications, and the new Polymer.dart library for advanced HTML UI web components generation.

  • Take a full tour of Dart’s core features and its advanced functionality
  • Learn the tools that come with Dart SDK and the most important libraries. Additionally you will work with the newest Polymer.dart library for web component creation.
  • Develop your own command-line and server side applications and, of course, web applications with Dart.

What youÂ’ll learn

  • Learn the tools, tricks and tips for developing with Dart
  • Master the most important and useful libraries and create your own libraries for your projects
  • Create web applications, command-line applications, and server side applications
  • Integrate with HTML5 and CSS3 from Dart to get incredible visual effects and great web interfaces
  • Use asynchronous programming in your web applications and web services
  • The latest trend and what everyone is talking about: Web Components

Who this book is for

For developers and designers that are sick and tired of fighting with creating cross-platform web applications.

For everyone who needs a new, yet familiar web programming language for modern web applications and really big projects.

For developers who need a typed language for a fast, secure, and easy development and debugging process.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Dart’s Flight Path So Far

Part 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2. Setting-up Dart Correctly

Part 2: Dart Tools
Chapter 3. Making the Most of the Dart Editor
Chapter 4. Using Pub and Dart2js to Compile Applications to JavaScript
Chapter 5. Application Launchers
Chapter 6. Using Pub the Dart Package Manager
Chapter 7. Optimizing for DartVM and Dartium
Chapter 8. Cleaning up with Dart Formatter
Chapter 9. Generating Dart Code Documentation
Chapter 10. Monitoring Your Applications with Observatory

Part 3: The Dart Language: Basics
Chapter 11. The Dart Comment System
Chapter 12. Understanding Operators and Expressions
Chapter 13. Mastering Dart’s Variables and Data Types
Chapter 14. Flow Control Statements
Chapter 15. Working with Functions
Chapter 16. A Syntax Summary and Cheat Sheet

Part 4: The Dart Language: Advanced
Chapter 17. Processing Exceptions and Error Control
Chapter 18. Understanding Dart Classes
Chapter 19. Implicit Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Chapter 20. Implementing Generics and Typedefs
Chapter 21. Using Dart’s Libraries
Chapter 22. Leveraging Isolates for Concurrency and Multi-processing
Chapter 23. Asynchronous Programming with Dart
Chapter 24. An Advanced Syntax Summary

Part 5: Dart and Other Web Technologies
Chapter 25. Integrating Dart and HTML5
Chapter 26. Integrating Dart and CSS3

Part 6: Dart and the Web Server
Chapter 27. Combining Web Services with Dart
Chapter 28. Dart on the Server Side

Part 7: Dart’s Future
Chapter 29. Implementing Design Patterns and creating Web Components
Chapter 30. Developing a Complete Contacts Management Dart App

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