WebAssembly Essentials: Make code reusable and deployed for high performance web apps Front Cover

WebAssembly Essentials: Make code reusable and deployed for high performance web apps

  • Length: 252 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2023-10-18

Unleash the Speed: Master WebAssembly and Take Your Web Apps to the Next Level

Through practical examples, you’ll learn how WebAssembly can transform C++, Rust, and other languages into lightning-fast web apps. Step-by-step, you’ll master techniques to integrate WebAssembly modules into JavaScript projects for seamless communication.

You’ll discover strategies to optimize code, leverage multi-threading, and apply cutting-edge methods like lazy loading. We also tackle memory management and dive into profiling, benchmarking, and browser tools to push performance to the limits.

This isn’t just essentials of webassembly – it’s a roadmap to learn intricacies, best practices, and solutions to common pitfalls. The goal is to equip you with the expertise to develop insanely fast applications. The future is native-level performance on the web. Join the revolution and skill up with this essential edition to mastering WebAssembly. Your web apps will never be the same!

Key Learnings

  • Grasp WASMs core concepts, bridging web and native apps, boosting performance seamlessly.
  • Dive into tools like Emscripten and Binaryen, facilitating efficient cross language compilations to Wasm.
  • Learn techniques to convert C++, Python, and Java apps, unlocking web application potential.
  • Seamlessly integrate JavaScript and WebAssembly, ensuring smooth inter-module communications.
  • Harness strategies for fine-tuning code, guaranteeing peak application performance.
  • Explore multi-threading, leveraging simultaneous operations, accelerating execution times.
  • Implement lazy loading and code splitting, optimizing web app responsiveness and load times.
  • Dive deep into efficient memory usage, ensuring resourceful application execution.
  • Proficiently use browser developer tools, dissecting and enhancing application performance.
  • Enhance user experience with effective caching, ensuring rapid web application accessibility


This book is for every programmer aspiring to put their all applications onto web browser with the same speed, efficiency and product performance. Knowing fundamentals of any programming language and basics of web app development is sufficient to tear out the book wholly.

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