What I Learned About Investing from Darwin Front Cover

What I Learned About Investing from Darwin


“Active fund management is one of the most notable methods for investing. Yet short-termism continues as an investment methodology, and active fund management benchmarks vs. the market are trending downward. Warren Buffett, leader of Berkshire Hathaway, has advocated for long-term investing as the best method to great success. This requires a different mindset and principles for investing — some investors look to other spheres of the business world, or apply lessons from other industries or philosophies for inspiration. For Pulak Prasad, likening the core investment principles of long-term and patient investing to the basic concepts of evolutionary biology was useful in his own investing career, to great success. In focusing more on the mindset behind investing, this work draws on the mental models thinking displayed by Charlie Munger. This book will show how framing long-term investing in terms of evolution was helpful to him and may be helpful to other investors”–

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