When an AI Thinks About Politics: It might be Food for Thought Front Cover

When an AI Thinks About Politics: It might be Food for Thought

  • Length: 198 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2023-04-06

We have taken on the challenge of asking AI (an artificial intelligence machine) uncomfortable questions and seeking answers that are both honest and insightful. In a world where censorship and mainstream media dominate, it can be difficult to find the truth. However, we refuse to accept this as the status quo! We tried to question everything! Why companies and organizations have the power to shape the course of the world without any input from the people they affect? Is this really democracy as we have been taught to understand it, or is it merely an illusion? We also investigate what lobbying is and its impact on our daily lives!

Corruption and nepotism are dangerous practices that benefit only a select few, while causing harm and even death to countless others. But why do corruption still persist?
Those who engage in these activities prioritize their own interests over the wellbeing of society, putting lives at risk and perpetuating social and economic inequality. Is there any other way to control these people?

Our world is changing rapidly. New alliances arise and old ones dissapear! We are determined to know how BRICS and the African Union are developing and how politics will impact the global economy in the years to come!

While we may only scratch the surface on many topics, our intention has always been to inspire and awaken people, urging them to actively engage with politics and strive for positive change in the world. It all starts with small steps, and the family unit is a great place to begin. Don’t hesitate to get involved with your children’s school and education – after all, they are your children and their future is at stake. Don’t leave them to navigate a system you disagree with on their own. Speak up, get involved, and always remain committed to your cause with honor, integrity, loyalty, and conscientiousness. By inspiring others to do the same, we can gradually create a world that is better for everyone.

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