The Creation of a Conscious Machine, 2nd Edition Front Cover

The Creation of a Conscious Machine, 2nd Edition


This book presents a groundbreaking journey into the world of Generative AI technology and offers an in-depth look at the prospect of AI achieving consciousness. The book navigates through various historical and modern perspectives on AI, from ancient myths to the Turing Test to the latest in technological advancements. It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of creating a conscious AI, including the specifications for synthetic consciousness and the integration of AI with human cognition. The book questions whether generative AI can meet the traditional criteria of consciousness and how this might be realized.


  • Specifies the design choices and implementation strategies that must be followed to successfully build machines that are conscious
  • Explores the entire spectrum of AI development, from ancient origins to the potential future of conscious machines
  • Offers a critical examination of the Turing Test, its variations, and its relevance to modern AI
  • Provides insights into the potential paths and challenges in achieving synthetic consciousness in AI
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